Fall Floral Dresses + Inspiration from Rachel Hollis

Floral Dress for fall

Dress: Nordstrom | Pumps: Nordstrom | Earrings: HM | Purse: Francesca's

Black bow floral dress
Floral Dress for fall and how to wear it now
Floral Dress for fall
Floral Dress for fall
Floral Dress for fall
Floral Dress for fall
Eileen Fisher Tilda Stacked Heel Pump
Floral dress outfit for fall
Floral dress outfit for fall
Floral dress outfit for fall
Floral dress outfit for fall
Floral dress outfit for fall
Floral dress outfit for fall

Dress: Nordstrom | Pumps: Nordstrom | Earrings: HM | Purse: Francesca's

I am so excited about this post! For two things, one this floral dress is one of my favorite purchases from the Nordstrom Sale, and I know it will be a staple I wear for years and years, and I am sharing my takeaways from the Rachel Hollis movie / documentary 'Made for More.' Let's start with the dress, because this is a fashion blog after all. RIght!? Teal, is and forever will be my FAVORITE color. Honestly. You can call my mom. And Bennett's rocker is deep teal. So, I get SO pumped when I see it everywhere. So this dress grabbed my attention immediately because of the color. But, I totally was unsure about tie, as it seemed like it would be a bit too serious for me. But I LOVE it on! I feel very Moira X Alexis Rose (from Schitt's Creek, and seriously, if you haven't watched it, get on it) and Blair Waldorf too! Like, it is so chic, and love the length and how the look came together with all black accessories. I love this black tassel earrings, black purse, and especially these Eileen Fisher black Tilda pump! They are seriously SO comfortable and if you have old lady feet, like I do, these are perfect for your wardrobe. They are now my closed toe black pump staple in my wardrobe! And I got to wear this beauty to a Junior League training I gave on my wardrobe checklist and fall trends! Which I will be sharing soon! It was such a blast to talk to them and have them so interested in everything I was sharing. That made me so happy and fulfilled! So, let me know if you want me to come and chat to your work or group, I'd love it! 

Now, let's dig into my takeaways from the 'Made for More' documentary by Rachel Hollis. So, let's start first with my obsession with Rachel. I started reading her book while 'Girl, Wash Your Face' on vacation in Alaska and I love it. I love it because she writes in a very conversational way and she opens up and shares lies she used to believe about herself. And her honesty and raw feelings of things she went through connect you to her, immediately! She is also like your best girlfriend who is telling you what you need to hear. Like, all the real talk, and inspiration you need to get your life together. So, when they (Rachel and her super awesome Husband Dave) shared about 'Made for More,' their documentary about the Rise; a two day conference they created, I knew I wanted to go see it! And my friend Jordan found tickets to the movie and we got super lucky! Because for whatever reason Rachel and Dave decided to come to Kansas City for the screening!! Yep, so we got to meet them! They're so sweet! And they are just so real, honest, and are fighting to make their marriage and company; in an exceptional way! So, on that note, you should check out their podcast, Rise Together. Kev and I have been listening to it, and it's been really eye opening to our relationship, and how we can grow to be a better couple and really love each other exceptionally! Who wouldn't want that, right!?

Okay okay, now let's dig into my takeaways! 

 - Get out of your own way!

- Your magic is always there.

- You’ve always had the power!

- Speak your dream out loud!

- It’s about how bad you want it and how much you’re willing to work for it!

- Live into the way we are supposed to be.

- Encourage other women!

- Everything you want. You’re the only one who can work for it.

- No one can tell you how big your dreams can be.

- Motivation - Make yourself do the things you don’t want to do!

- What if life doesn’t have to be this way?

- You have to acknowledge where you came from!

- You can pretend your past doesn’t exhaust

- Life is happening for you!

- It is possible to find meaning in everything.

- Let your scars be your stories. And share them with your crew.

- Stand up for your sister.

- If you’re not growing you will not be fulfilled.

- Give yourself credit for all things you’ve done!

- I will figure it out! I always figure it out!

- Find the truth in your opposition.

- Drink 1/2 of your body weight in oz. of water a day!

- Allow your vase to be filled up and spill over on others.

- Your the combo of the 5 people you spend your life with...

- What are my unconscious habits that are holding me back - notice the trigger and change it.

- Create a playlist that makes you feel good!

- Same you - New mood.

- Chase 1 thing at a time - so it becomes easier, quicker, faster.

- Create a Possibilities List - to bring you closer to that goal.

- Check in with yourself.

- Your dream is worth fighting for - it won’t be easy.

- You’ve always had the power in you.

- You should demand more of yourself. Not be okay with being okay.

- Do it with your whole heart.

And last but not least we were all put on this earth for more! I definitely feel that way. These notes are what I felt like where the “ahhh-haaaa” moments from the ‘Made for More’ movie. They really struck me as inspirational gold. And like damn, okay, listen to this, take it in, and do this!!! I have been feeling a shift moving inside of me and I’m so excited for what I’m being lead to do. And if you’re feeling that too, I’m here with you! And if you ever wanna chat! I’m so down to talk through it!