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What to wear when you travel on Sophisticaited
Black tank white jeans on Sophisticaited
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Summer travel outfit on Sophisticaited
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Summer travel outfit on Sophisticaited
Printed scarf on Sophisticaited

Macy's green jacket, Express black tank, Madewell white jeans, Macy's straw fedora, American Eagle sunnies, Long Champ bag, Frankly Basic scarf, Tory Burch flats similar available at Feng

I love to travel, I know most people do too. But, the packing and outfit planning process can be pretty overwhelming and annoying. So, I felt like it could be pretty nice to share a few tips that really do help figure out what to wear and the packing process too!

Okay so picking something to wear can be weird when you are traveling from a cooler place to a warmer place. Or even hot to hot, but then hot to tropical there are a few things that can make it all much easier and fun to create looks that are practical and fun! 


So this outfit is pretty perfect for the cooler to warmer. The white jeans keeps this look crisp and fresh while the black tank top feel sophisticated but allows you to feel cooler do to the spaghetti strap. I love wearing flats while I travel, as the plane and airports can usually be on the cooler side. And rocking a pair of sandals can leave me freezing! Right!? Speaking of freezing - that's why I bring a light weight jacket and scarf. Sometimes a scarf is all you need, but a jacket can be just the perfect weight to keep you warm enough to pass out on the plane. Oh and if you are planning on bringing a straw hat, I recommend wearing it. I've packed them in the past, and I think they just get misshapen and look a little cray once I unpack. So, just rock it. 


- Cargo jacket

- Lightweight top

- White jeans

- Flat

- Scarf

- Straw Hat

- Tote bag


Bag size: Pick a size that is really practical for your travels. So if you are headed on a two day trip, a carry on little bag really is just right. But, if you are headed on a trip longer than 5 days you can definitely pack a huge checked bag.

Essentials: Shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, tooth paste, tooth brush, make-up, hair dryer, straightener, underwear, and bras.

Clothing: Here's the best and hardest part, the outfits for the trip. First, I like to grab my calendar and see exactly what my days will look like on my trip. Then I can see if I need to pack anything that is a little dressier, casual, or a little specialized. I'm sure you're wondering what I mean by specialized - and I mean, if you are going hiking, biking, yoga, workout. Just gear or clothes that you will need to fully participate in these activities. Then from there how many days do I need outfits for? Two? Five? Eleven? 

Now I bet you are wondering where Town Center comes in, right? Well here you go:

Luggage: Macy's

Undergarments: Victoria's Secret (hers), and Macy's (men's)

Beauty: Sephora and Salon One19

Outfits: Frankly Basic, Feng, EverEve, J.Crew, and Express (hers), J.Crew, American Eagle, Baldwin, Macy's (men's)

Also I found this packing flow chart that definitely breaks down the best way to think about what and how you are packing. 

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