BVI Trip: 9 days sailing

So I've been on a little vacay that I thought would be a good time to take a little break from work and the blog to take time to relax with the Mr. and some great friends. The last week the Mr. and I sailed around the BVI with 4 other couples and it was really amazing. I'm here to tell you that if you get to opportunity to sail, you should take it. Even if I did get crazy sea sick one day, but then I got my sea legs and was totally good the rest of the trip.

Moorings sail in the BVI on

DAY 1: We flew down on Wednesday to St. Thomas and walked around and checked out a local market full of tropical goods and great jewelry. We had dinner at a little Americanish restaurant that was pretty good. Their happy hour was pretty amazing! 

DAY 2: The Mr. and I got up and packed up our bags and headed to Coki Beach. It's a gorgeous little snorkeling spot that was a great place to spend the day. We had lunch at one of the multiple restaurants, right on the beach. I had the biggest and best fish taco I've every had! The Mr. had a cheese burger that was actually pretty good too! Then we met our friends at the ferry and headed over to Virgin Gorda to meet up with our sailing crew with The Moorings! Oh and have dinner!

DAY 3: We woke up in our cabin to a bright morning of sunshine. The Mr. went exploring around the marina, while stayed behind and I read in bed. Then we got ready for breakfast at 8:30am. It was prepared by Uly - our awesome chef! Oh and our captain was Sava and our first mate was Ruth! Great crew for sure! Then we headed to The Baths, where the boys climbed around on the amazingly huge boulders and we swam in the little bay. We had lunch on the very top of The Baths (it was gorgeous) and then our driver Glen took us to see some gorgeous views of where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean sea. And then we stopped the Little Dix Bay resort and it's a stunningly beautiful resort. We had dinner on the boat and then went to watch the Jumbies preform on the island. The Jumbies are dancers on stilts and I might have made my girlfriends go dance with them on the dance floor (awesome videos for sure). It was an awesome night! 

DAY 4: We started the day again on the island of Virgin Gorda in Leverick Bay! We explored the Bitter End yacht club and went to the tarpon feeding that night. The tarpons are quite interesting ginormous fishies. The feeding takes place every night at 5pm and the tarpons start to gather around 4:30pm. As the mahi scraps are thrown in the water, the tarpons swim to them as if a dog is chasing a ball. It's pretty incredible experience. 

DAY 5: We sailed over to Anegada - I'm pretty sure this is the day I got insanely sea sick! It was rough, but hey, we were in the sun, it got hot, and it was pretty wavy! So Ruth gave me a coke with salt and I moved to the shade and all was much smoother! Plus dramamine all day everyday the rest of the trip! Anyways, we arrived to Anegada to rent a car that the Mr. drove all around to all the different beaches. Oh and the fun fact about the BVI, they drive on the left side of the road, and the steering wheel is also on the left side (weird). AND the "car" the Mr. rented for us was a small truck with benches in the back, so it was super safe! But it was fun! We beach hopped and the dudes got to play basketball and the ladies did too, well that and sipped on pain killers. We got back to the rental shop just in time for closing time. And then we cleaned up for dinner and enjoyed some delicious local lobster. It was super fun to get dressed up and enjoy such a wonderful meal with such a great group. 

DAY 6: We sailed to Tortola and spent the day walking around the beaches and enjoying every kind of pain killer and mojito imaginable. We also got cleaned up again and headed back to the beach. And enjoyed Foxy's

DAY 7: We sailed around the corner to White Bay. We walked along the bay and enjoyed many a Pain Killer - as they originated at the Soggy Dollar Bar. It is a must place to stop. They call it Soggy Dollar because there isn't a doc in the White Bay, therefore all the patrons must get in the water and swim to the beach before they arrive at the bar - and all the dollars are then soggy. Makes sense, right? It's a gorgeous beach and I loved getting to hang out there all day. Then we sailed to Norman Island and cleaned ourselves up (a little bit) and headed to Willy T's. Willy T's is a literal pirate ship bar just sitting in bay. It was a fun night watching my friends jump off the back of second level - scary for sure. But it was a fun night for sure!

DAY 8: Our last full day was one of my favorites for sure! We woke up had breakfast and went snorkeling in some amazing caves. The snorkeling was absolutely amazing. There were so many beautiful colors of fish and coral. It's beyond amazing to see the world above the water in a certain light, and then get to swim along the surface and see this whole other way of life. It was so wonderful to just swim and  focus on the sounds of my breath. It was just a wonderful day getting to explore and see so many different fishies and even one eagle ray. Then we got out the paddle boards, kayaks, and floating noodles. It was a really fun day! 

DAY 9: We woke up and sailed immediately to the Mooring marina on Cooper Island to enjoy breakfast and head to the ferry. We bought our tickets to the ferry to St. Thomas. But stopped for lunch at some whole in the wall place. I had some amazing island chicken tenders and the Mr. had some yummy fish tacos. Then we headed to the ferry to St. John and flew back home. 

It was one full trip! I really tried to enjoy every moment and just be grateful for the experience with the friends we got to enjoy it with. And I am so happy I got to experience it all! 

If you have any questions of the BVI or the trip, please let me know below. I'd love to help!



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