Packing List: Summer Vacay

So you might be wondering why the heck the hubs and I just hopped right on down to the BVI (if you follow me on Instagram) with barely any notice. Well, first of all this trip has been in the works for awhile now. But, it just officially got booked a few weeks again and I can't wait to share the full low down on the trip. So, until the trip is over you will have to just stay tuned on Instagram for all the latest of our travels. We are headed out tomorrow to board a chartered yacht for a week and word on the street is that the wifi situation is pretty low. So, I will post this one! Yay! A Town Center post on Monday for sure! Can't wait. But other than those posts, that might be it, until we get back. 

So here's what I packed:

Razor back tank tops

Muscle tee tanks

Soft cozy shorts

Solid bathing suit

Printed and high waisted bathing suit

Gold Sandals



Romper & Jumpsuit


Straw Hat

Beach tote



I hope you guys are able to take at least one more vacation this summer to enjoy the heat before fall comes. And be sure to follow along on Instagram to every move I can make for the next week!


Caitlin ForeComment