Town Center Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts under $50

1. The Comfortable Home coffee table book, $35 , Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams, TCC - This coffee table book is one you will actually want to read with tons of great ideas of how to pull your home together. Plus all coffee tables books are 30% off until Christmas Eve!

2. Blanket Scarf, $30, Altar'd State, TCP - The hottest trend for girls this fall isn't going anywhere and she would think you're simply the coolest for getting her this scarf for Christmas!

3. Socks gift pack, $42, Allen Edmonds, TCP - What guy doesn't need a new pair of socks!? Well then why not make it a few pairs that really count!

4. Pearled Beanie, $49, Athropologie, TCP - This is a super multi generational gift that any gal in your life from your young cousin to your Mom will like how it looks and how warm it keeps her. 

5. Shawl scarf, $10, Charming Charlie, TCC - Such a glamorous gift that your Mom or Aunt will wear all holiday long. 

6. Buffalo check mug, $8, Charming Charlie, TCC - This classic print mug is perfect for any young gal or guy that needs their coffee before talkie every morning. 

7. Head Massager, $6, Barnes and Noble, TCP - This universal gift will make anyone in your family not only feel relaxed but smile and laugh as well. 

8. Wristlet, $34, Vera Bradley, TCP - For any teenage girl that needs a place to hold her school ID and her fake credit cards, this is just what she'll need. I know I loved having something like this back in the day!

9. New Year's cards, $18, Paper Source, TCC - This is more a present to yourself incase you didn't get around to printing holiday cards this year. No sweat, just send out these to celebrate the new year! 

10. Gift Boxes and velvet ribbon, $8-$14 and $7, Paper Source, TCC - Again, this is more of a present for you, as you can look like a total holiday hero with these gorgeous boxes! Throw some red ribbon around them and you're good as gold!

11. Capri diffuser, $28, Anthropologie, TCP - This yummy diffuser will make any home smell amazing 365 days a year!

12. Fair Isle leggings, $24, American Eagle, TCP - These are just the printed pair of leggings any girl wants to wear on Christmas day. So, why not let her open these a day early so she can wake up in them!?

13. Christmas pajamas, $30, Hanna Andersson, TCP - How adorable are these pajamas for girls and guys!? I think they are just too cute and would love to wrap our little family members right up in them on Christmas Eve.

14. Pump Fair Isle socks, $15, Banana Republic, TCP - These are perfect for that guy in the family that lives a little bit on the edger side, ya know what I mean? 

15. Sweater Onesies, $30 - $40, Janie and Jack, TCP - These super yummy onesies are perfect for any of the babies in your life. I know a couple of friends who would love to receive these for Christmas this year! 

16. One Line a Day journal, $13, Barnes and Nobles, TCP - I love journaling and to keep track of things that I've thought and felt and love this gift so much. I know we all have a lot on our plates and adding one more thing doesn't sound very exciting! But, this is just one line a day! Not too bad at all!

17. Pioneer Woman Cookbook: Dinnertime, $18, Barnes and Noble, TCP - The author of this cookbook is also an Oklahoma gal and actually lives not too far from where my hubby grew up. Anyways, Ree Drummond is one amazing cook. Everything and I mean everything anyone has made from any of her recipes is AMAZING! So buy this for any of the cooks in your fam, you'll thank me later!

18. Turtleneck sweater, $35, LOFT, TCP - This longer length will make any lady in your life feel comfy cozy in this gorgeous turtle neck sweater. 

19. Butter Bell, $40, Le Creuset, TCC - This too is a good gift for that chef in your life. It's the perfect way to make hard stick butter perfect soft to use every day. Plus it's just a super cool gift!

20. V-Neck sweater, $49, J.Crew, TCP - This classic sweater will sure be a winner with any guy in your life. I personally have given this sweater to probably every guy in my life. So my husband has a ton of them, my brother, Dad, Step-Dad, uncles. It's just so easy and classic he can wear all the time. 

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*I want to thank the Town Center team for partnering with me on these gift guide posts! I will be posting every Wednesday through the Holiday Season with a new one every week! 

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