Town Center Gift Guide: The Dudes

Gift Guides for Guys ONLY

1. Cuff links, $27, Macy's, TCP - This classic pair of cuff links is perfect for any gentleman.

2. Plaid hat, $35, L.L. Bean, TCC - The plaid is classic enough to wear on the super wintery days.

3. iPhone case, $48, J.Crew, TCP - I just think this iPhone case is to hilarious and cool, plus it's Jimmy Falonn's favorite phone case, so what's not to love?

4. Chocolates, $50, Dean and Deluca, TCP - got a guy in your life that just loves sweets? Well this is just the gift for them!

5. Plaid shirt, $100, Brooks Brothers, TCP - what guy doesn't love a plaid shirt? I picked this one because of the colors and the insane Brooks Brothers quality. It's one that will last forever.

6. House Slippers, $70, L.L. Bean, TCC - the guys in my life can't get enough of these things. They keep your feet warm as soon as you wake up and as soon as you get home. Pretty perfect.

7. Acqua Di Gio cologne, $80, Sephora, TCP - if you have no idea what cologne a guy in your life wears or likes, this is the one to buy. It's so yummy and smells amazing on every guy!

8. Camp socks, $17, J.Crew, TCP - I bought a pair of these for myself and they got out in my mister's sock drawer, and he loves them too! And this pair are actually made for the dudes.

9. KC Hat, $48, BaldwinTCC - I love the classic styling of this hat and it can be worn with casual outfits or with a nice sweater and jeans for a night out on the town.

10. Bifold Wallet, $31, Macy's, TCP - I feel like every guy in my life can always use a new wallet and this style is super classic and can go with any guys style.

11. Copper Mug, &18, Paper Source, TCC  - The moscow mule has become one popular cocktail and the guys in my life are definitely digging them. And they must be sipped in this glass, so yeah, go grab these and yummies to make them. 

12. KC Royals polo, $60, Rally House, TCP - You can basically throw the Royals logo on anything and everyone will like it. But I dig this one particularly well! 

13. Classic shaving kit, $50, Sephora, TCP - Again, I have a couple of dudes that I know that like shaving with these kinds of kits and they are big fans. I dig the throw back and love the old school vibes.

14. Tobacco Patchouli candle, $22, Paper Source, TCC - I'm a fan of girly scents but I do feel like the guys should have a say in a new scent every now and then. And this one is definitely one you should try.

*I want to thank the Town Center team for partnering with me on these gift guide posts! I will be posting every Wednesday through the Holiday Season with a new one every week! 

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