Town Center Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

1. Lariat necklace, $28, EverEve, TCC - This is the newest and trendiest style of necklace. You definitely need to grab one for the jewelry lover in your life. 

2. Jewelry Travel book, $20, Francesca's, TCP - This adorable jewelry books is perfect for the girl that's always on the move. This will definitely keep all their baubles organized. 

3. Monogram coffee mug, $7.50, Anthropologie, TCP - I have this mug and it holds tons of coffee and is super glam. Any coffee lover will love this thing!

4. Portable Charger, $20, Francesca's, TCP - What phone couldn't use an extra charge!? Well I know I could! And this would perfect to keep in my purse at all times so I can use it anytime I need. 

5. Money Clip, $23, Paper Source, TCC - One for the boys! I know the guys in my life love a good wallet. But I think a money clip is always a great thing for a guy to have.

6. Floral notebook, $13, Paper Source, TCC - I write everything down and love having a gorgeous notebook to write everything down on. 

7. Tech wipes, $6, Sephora, TCP - When does anyone buy cleaning wipes for their techy items? Right, never. So, why not grab these for your friends and family to clean up their daily tech items. A good choice. Just sayin'

8. Eye Shadow palette, $54, Sephora, TCP - Okay this is the best of the best of eye shadow palettes. This is great for your beauty lovers to create the perfect look for a night out on the town.

9. Gingerbread house mug toppers, $10, Anthropologie, TCP - My Pinterest heart just exploded! How adorable are these gingerbread house mug toppers. Can't you just see yourself sipping on a hot chocolate and nibbling on these yummy houses? I know I can! 

10. Charcoal face mask, $69, Sephora, TCP - This is a little bit of a pricey stocking stuffer but, it's totally worth it. I had an amazing make up artist tell me about this stuff and how celebrities use it. And it's just insanely good!!

11. Emoji stickers, $10, Paper Source, TCP - These need to go into every stocking you have to stuff. How hilarious and cute are these?

12. Threaded earrings, $44, Anthropologie, TCP - I wore these for the Better KC Segment I did last week and just absolutely LOVE them. They are super dainty and easy to wear. They are perfect for any gal!

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*I want to thank the Town Center team for partnering with me on these gift guide posts! I will be posting every Wednesday through the Holiday Season with a new one every week! 

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