Town Center Gift Guide: Fitness & Wellness

1. Sports bra, lululemon, $48, TCC - Every girl needs a great sports bra and the details of this one are just too cool not to love! 

2. Swell water bottle, Athleta, $45, TCP - How beautiful is this water bottle!? And hello, everyone needs to stay hydrated and this one is just too special not to use all the time. 

3. Wrap jacket, Lucy, $89, TCP - This jacket is perfect for every day wear but especially perfect to wear it after a great workout and look chic!

4. Running jacket, Athleta, $108, TCP - The weight of this jacket is awesome for those brisk winter mornings and this color is just amazing. Plus it's a gorgeous color you can wear with the stripe scarf (the next item below) with skinnies and cute flats for running around town. 

5. Stripe scarf, lululemon, $58, TCC - The baby is just too cool. If you have a gal you know loves a good scarf this is the one she needs. It can be worn tons of different ways and is super soft too!

6. Headband, lululemon, $14, TCC - This is the easiest stocking stuffer you can grab for any of your gym rat gal pals! Every gal that has long hair need these to get a good sweat and not worry about those locks falling all over the place.

7. Gleam legging, Athleta, $79, TCP - How glam are these babies!? And why not feel glam when you're working out! Then throw on that adorable gray wrap above with a pair of booties and then go about town! 

8. Razorback Tank, Athleta, $39, TCP - This is by far my favorite cut of tank top. I feel like it's the most flattering on any body type. And that hemline is just long enough to poke out of the bottom of jackets and cardigans and look really chic. 

9. Printed work out pant, lululemon, $98, TCC - For the girl that lives in the gym chances are that she needs a fab pair of printed pants to make her workout even more exciting! Now give her something that will make her early mornings even brighter!

10. New Balance sneakers, Athleta, $70, TCP - These are just too cool for school and I could see them with a great pair of black crop leggings and loose sweater for just running errands all over town. Plus these make for a cute wear-into-the-gym-sneaker too. 

11. Gel sneaker, EverEve, $81, TCC - These too just think are too cute! The black and gray smoke design is really chic and will look good at the gym or just out around town. 

12. Beanie, Athleta, $34, TCP - These little pom hat is the cutest little trend this season. It's practical for those chilly days and is still cute enough to wear and not feel like you've got an boring stocking cap on your head. 

13. Ballet grip sock, Lucy, $14, TCP - Have you tried a barre class, yet? Of not these are the perfect socks for those classes! And how adorable are these!? They definitely make for a great stocking stuffer too.

14. Woman Up tee, Lucy, $45, TCP - A good graphic tee to wear to the gym is always fun! I especially love this woman loving one that can be worn under a fab moto jacket with skinny jeans when not at the gym too!

15. Gym bag, lululemon, $145, TCC - This baby is a little spendy but I love that you can attach your yoga mat to the bottom of it and still tote around all the things you need for your workout and after. Plus, the color is so rich it brings a little bit of glam to gym!

16. Body Lab class, $35 , TCC - if you like going to pilates and are looking for a new work out! This place is for you! I attended one of their classes last year and man it was a good one! I would definitely check it out!

17. Yoga Six class , coming soon!, TCP - There's a new yoga study about to pop up in Town Center Plaza and I just want wait! More on that soon!

*I want to thank the Town Center team for partnering with me on these gift guide posts! I will be posting every Wednesday through the Holiday Season with a new one every week! 

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