Getting Healthy in 2019 with Mind Body Fit with Lacey Spallitta

How to Get Healthy in 2019

Top: Athleta | Pants: Athleta | Sports Bra: Athleta | Sneakers: Ever Eve (old) similar here | Scarf: Shopbop (old) similar here | Water bottle: Yeti

How to Get Healthy in 2019
How to Get Healthy in 2019
How to Get Healthy in 2019
How to Get Healthy in 2019
How to Get Healthy in 2019
How to Get Healthy in 2019
How to Get Healthy in 2019
How to Get Healthy in 2019

Top: Athleta | Pants: Athleta | Sports Bra: Athleta | Sneakers: Ever Eve (old) similar here | Scarf: Shopbop (old) similar here | Water bottle: Yeti

Happy 2019 everyone! It has been very nice getting to take a break from all the work things and just getting to focus on spending time with my family and friends these last few weeks. We went home to Oklahoma and spend a ton of time with Kevin’s family. We have a 5 year old nephew and almost 3 year old niece that can’t get enough of Bennett, that leaving them was tough! But, we just had the best time with them! And we got to see our best friends from college and do a hilarious white elephant gift exchange! And we also got to spend time with my Mom’s side of the family too! All in all it was busy, fun, and it felt good to disconnect! And now that we are home, and semi-back into our “normal routine” it feels good to get back to it!

So, today I am so excited to finally get to share with you a new fitness/wellness program I am doing, starting on January 7th, Mind-Body-Fit! I shared on Instagram (@caitfore) a few weeks ago about my fitness journey. And how I grew up like most 90’s kids and just didn’t have a good understanding of what “good” nutrition is. Then onto college, I ate at my sorority house or on campus without even thinking about what I was eating, and barely working out. Fast forward to adulthood, and it was microwavable anything and fast food, but somehow I stayed thin. My husband said it was probably because I wasn’t nourished, and he’s totally right! I wasn’t! Then once we got married Kev cooked all the things! He loves to cook, and his mom is a great cook, but he’s a meat and potatoes guy, and he knows how to make a lot of yummy things, but not necessarily the healthiest things. So, yeah then, we did Insanity to loose weight for a wedding, it was good, but just a little too much for me. But, it was good for us to get our food in check a bit. Then we joined a gym and Kev started helping me create workouts I liked, and I was going a good amount. But, then he moved to Minnesota for almost 2 years, and it was just survival for me. Barely working out, I honestly have no idea what I ate. But, if I had to guess it was bag salads, and fast food, I’m a creature of habit, what can I say? And then Kev got home and a few months later I got pregnant with Bennett! Which all of my friends told me me to “max out” and eat all the things. I did-ish, personally I didn’t feel like I could eat that much and just felt so bloated and big. I did gain a healthy amount of weight with Bennett, But, lost it SO fast with breastfeeding! I was blown away! In like 2 weeks I love 20 of the 35ish pounds I put on. It was totally nuts! But, then I kept eating like I was breast feeding when I wasn’t (aka all the carbs and surgar-y things) and it was not cute guys. I got stuck in a dress. Would go to my local boutiques that I always went to and could maybe find one thing that would fit me. It was a horrible feeling, and I knew I had to do something.

So I talked to my Dad about the Keto diet, because he had been doing it with my Step-Mom and had scene amazing results. I was even more excited to hear about it because I knew they weren’t huge work out people. So, I could take care of a baby who’s on a crazy schedule and eat this diet and loose weight. And I did!! It took about 4-5 weeks for me to see results that I was really happy with! My clothes were fitting better and I just felt like myself! But, as soon as I got to that spot, I started to “cheat” - and with Keto it was like “I’ll get a hamburger with cheese, grilled onions with lettuce,” instead of eating a salad with protein.

So, then I went back to my hold habits, and felt fine for a while, but then just felt like I wanted to get my eating in check. I’d watched a blogger talk about Faster Way to Fat Loss and saw her AMAZING results on it! Like she got her abs back after having a baby kind of results! (I don’t think it gets much better than that, do you!?). So I signed up, bought the cookbook, and just took in the information, as there’s A TON! First, intermittent fasting (the idea of this kind of scared me, but I had to fast a bunch of times when I was pregnant with Bennett, and so I knew I could do it, not pregnant!) your feeding window is essentially from 1-8pm and the rest of the time you can drink water, tea, coffee (but without all the fixings), and let your body reallllly digest the food. Okay, cool, I can get on board with that. Then the carb cycling and eating less or more carbs based on the day - aka “normal macro day” = “leg day” = “eat a donut day if it fits in your macros” kind of deal. So, essentially what you fuel your body with, is how much/hard you workout in the gym (or at home) that day. Or actually vice versa for most who workout in the morning and then eat. But, you get the idea. The days that you have a “low macro” day, you just don’t do a full on crazy ass workout. It’s still a good one, but not as intense. Oh and like barely and cardio! It was bananas! But quickly felt like all I was doing was prepping and cooking food, and wasn’t able to find the right rhythm of when to workout / go to the gym. And instead of speaking up like I should have I just crashed. Looking back I should have just gone to the gym in the morning (fasted), and came home to feed Bennett and then break my fast, so I could put him down for his nap at 1pm. So, now I am beyond pumped to start Lacey’s program Mind-Body-Fit on January 7th!

So, let me break down why I am doing Mind-Body-Fit and why I think you should too!

  1. I am doing this to honestly to be healthier. I have two speeds, all in or fast food. So, to '“be better” (my mantra for 2019) this year I am going to really dig in on what being “healthy” is with this program.

  2. Eating well - This program is all about “eating clean” so no dairy, gluten, added sugars and just eating GOOD healthy foods that fuel your body for your goals. Mine is strictly getting healthy and to gain control over what I am eating. And making all these foods that are super healthy - YUMMY and delicious for my family too! And she’s got all the recipes on the Mind Body Fit Facebook group!

  3. Working out - I knowwwww that I need to do this for my mental state and just overall enjoyment in life. I always like it when I do it. I just always work myself up and make the best excuses at to why I just can’t make it to the gym today! But, I need those endorphins & and I know I’d like to tone up too! And she has these all ready to roll on her members private portal!

  4. Learning How to Put “it ALL together” - This is the reason I am signed on with Lacey. I had so many questions and not a ton of answers with the FWTFL, that I am so glad to know Lacey is just a phone call or a text away. She is so pumped to make sure everyone on her program really “gets it” - that I am SO READY too!

  5. Lacey - She used to be a FWTFL coach and did like what the program was about, but she knew it was missing some things! So she truly knows what I’ve done, how I slacked, and how she can personally make sure I stay on track! And that is exactly why she started Mind Body Fit! She Wanted to create a place that gives you all the whys of hows to what you are doing in this program!

  6. Private FB group - this is where ALL of the info lives. Lacey cultivates a great accountability with lots of great information there. Plus, she even hosts lives with other gurus to talk about Mindfulness and Self Compassion, both are things I know we all need more of!

  7. Workouts - Like I said before, this is what I need, for Lacey to show me exactly what I need to do. And she does in videos in the private portal for her members on her website. Also you can modify the workouts and do them at home or at the gym! And she plans for you to do 4-5 of them a week. Not too bad, right!?

  8. Meal prep guideline - Can I get an amen on this! She has create the full proof guideline and video and how she preps all of her food & how it all works together in the meal plans! Cannot wait for this! As the oldest, I do pretty well with things I am told to do, so thanks to Lacey, she’ll tell us what to cook, and I’ll do it!

  9. Preferred food list - Also, this!! Lacey has literally tried it all, and everything on this list is clean, and yummy, and healthy! Like thank you so much! I will go buy all of this immediately and know that I can eat all of this and feel good! I honestly love knowing my boundaries with food. When I hear no dairy, gluten, I kind of freak a little bit. But, knowing what I CAN eat, with this list, is all I need to know I can be successful!

  10. Macros - (aka proteins, carbs and fats) This what something I really struggled with on FWTFL. The goal/plan is to track your food in the My Fitness Pal App (which if you’ve read any of my heath posts, you know I’m a fan) as it shows you the breakdown of what you are eating and can help you set goals too! I honestly just didn’t really get how I was supposed to know how much (like literal amounts of) protein, and cards, and all the things I was eating - that didn’t come in packages (as you can scan the items into app). So, with this Lacey takes into account how to adjust your macros due to health issues and will ensure you know what your macros are for your health and weight loss goals. She even created a video of how to set up my fitness pal - she will give examples of what to eat to hit your specific macros! Hallelujah!

  11. Intermittent Fasting - This sounded SO scary to me in the beginning. But, honestly I really liked letting my body digest all the food I was eating, while I was awake and moving. It’s great to help you feel less bloated, and gives you parameters on when you can eat (usually from 1pm-8pm, but not always), so no more stress eating session at night when I’m on a deadline! It seems weird to not eat breakfast, for sure. But, after like 2-3 days you won’t even believe how fast your body adapts to it!

  12. Weekly education regarding food and exercise - This part is something I’m super pumped for! Lacey is a self proclaimed “health nerd” she’s learned a lot about ways to be healthy like after having issues with her pelvic floor after having a baby to gaining a better self compassion practice and how to teach others. I cannot wait to learn even more than just about food and working out!

  13. Carb Cycling - This is something I loved in the past too! And was a reason I had such an issue with Keto! Like, “Hi, I’m Caitlin and I’m gonna eat carbs, it’s just who I am.” And I love that you totally can on this program. It’s about balance, and eating them on the days you workout harder, verses just eating them ALL of the time. Plus, with that killer “preferred foods list” she gives you breads, crackers, and tortillas that fit in with your macros and won’t kill your diet! Woop!

  14. How to reduce stress & How to sleep better - both of these things I know I can improve. I feel like since having Bennett I don’t get as stressed about things like I used too. I still do, because Hi, I’m a human and I like to dabble in procrastination from time to time. So, I am excited to see what she teaches us on how to reduce stress. And how to sleep better! Cool! I feel like I sleep pretty well, but I also like to stay up late…so maybe I’ll actually create a morning routine I am excited about! Can’t wait to see what I learn!

  15. And lastly, Lacey really wants you to be successful on your own! And she’s 100% there to make sure you feel confident with the entire program. Like she gave me her phone number and told me that another girl went food shopping and texted her to make sure she got the right things! Game on! Knowing that I can just reach out to her and ask her questions or voice concerns, it 100% what I need to be successful with this! And I honestly feel so confident that I will!

    What the week to week break down of Mind Body Fit looks like:

    Week 1: Learn How to Track Marcos and Clean Eating + Workouts - I am so glad we are going to be taking this part slowly starting on the 7th. To take the time to really set up the Macros in My Fitness Pal, and understand what we are actually eating to get to those macros, is truly the best set up to be successful! And then of course working out! Learning new moves and how to do workouts can be super intimidating, and I’m excited to see what they are and how I can do them from home or the gym.

    Week 2: Introducing Intermittent fasting + Workouts - I really like that we are working this in on week 2, it’s intimidating when you’re starting a whole new nutrition plan, and are told not to eat for like half the day. The health benefits are super great, and have you ever tried it!?

    Week 3: Introducing Carb Cycling + Workouts - Again, I am pumped for this! I think this is THE KEY to it all! Knowing when you can eat more carbs and still loose weight is honestly I think ever woman’s dream! And keeping this under control and in check knowing that you can eat carbs, and don’t have to restrict yourself is honestly the most freeing thing, ever. And it’s why I’m so excited for this program!

    Week 4-6: Working them all together and setting you up for success! - All about cooking, tracking, working out, and making sure you can do it all on your own! Wahoo! And all with Lacey and your intimate group of Facebook supporters!

    I am so excited to start Mind-Body-Fit on January 7th! I talked to Lacey today and she said there are only 5 spots left!! So if you’ve been thinking about doing it! Be sure to do it today! Just click here and scroll to the bottom. You can use code NEWYEAR to save $20 on your program! And be sure to mention Caitlin Fore in the referral section when you check out! I know I am PUMPED to get myself in check in 2019, and this program is so it! I’m pumped to share my journey with you all and if you join up too, let me know so I can cheer you on! Wishing you and happy and healthy 2019!


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