Gift Guide: The Hardest People on your List, MEN

Men's Gift Guide - My Husband's Personal Picks

Kevin put together a list of items he thought would make great gifts! And I’m so excited to share these great gifts with you all today!

  1. Garmin Phoenix ($1,000) - The most outlandish gift ever. Honestly, the price tag is crazy. BUT, if your guy works out on the regular, then he will use this and absolute LOVE this! And it is available on Amazon too!

  2. Wireless Speaker ($49) - We use ours all of the time all over the house, and I just love how this one looks! It’s subtle, and works so great!

  3. Normal Brand Flannel Shirts ($88) - These shirts are amazing! I bought one for Kevin last year from Ulah and then another one from Camp David, because he LOVES them so much! And as y’all can probably guess, he would never care about a flannel shirt, unless it’s actually really great! The shirts fit true to size, and it’s family owned company of very hunky gents!

  4. Men-u Shaving Cream ($17) - My parents gave this to Kev a few years ago, and he’s LOVED it! It makes a great stocking stuffer for sure! Especially if your man travels a bunch too! This one is also available on Amazon too!

  5. Samsung Earpods ($129) - If you have an anti-Apple-loving dude, like mine (insert eye roll) and he wants to jump on the wireless earbuds train, these are 100% up your alley! He is so pumped for these, and has asked me like 10 times already, if these are happening! Stay tuned!

  6. Insulated Water Bottle ($11.34) - Kevin loves these! And uses them all the time! So, if your dude loves a good workout and cool water, this is a no brainer, for sure! It’s also on Amazon!

  7. Cole Haan Leather Sneakers ($99) - I LOVE these sneakers, I feel like they’re the “Cool Dad” sneaker that works for casual days, that are just like a bit dressier than an old sneaker. And you’ve probably scene them around in the cognac brown option, which is why I love the grey! So, if your guy already has the brown pair, this is a great option for him too! It’s such a great classic, that it will go with everything!

  8. Herschel Overnight Bag ($85) - This is something I picked out, because I feel like we go back to see family a bunch and Kev either uses his gym bag (I know) or our small suit case, which isn’t bad, but I think this size is perfect! I love how it is styled too! It’s simple and classic, which I love!

  9. Fleece Bomber Jacket ($158) - This jacket you guys, is just so cool! I love the styling of it, and how it’s made of fleece. So it can be worn casually all the time!

  10. Yeti Tumbler ($29) - This is honestly the BEST gift! Kev uses his to tea and water, all day, everyday! And I have one of these on my list too! I cannot wait to use this for coffee! So if you have an avid coffee drinker, this will be an awesome gift too!

  11. Custom Pet Painting ($150) - I honestly LOVE this idea! We love our Daisy girl, and the idea of gifting Kev a chic painting of her, would be so sweet! I found this artist on Etsy and love the style of these paintings! They’re so gorgeous!!

  12. Backpack ($180) - This backpack is 100% on Kev’s Christmas list, and maybe I jumped the gun on the overnight bag above..But, He really wants this one! Like for hikes with Bennett like we did in Alaska! And this would make it way easier to tote all of his stuff around in this! He always finds things he’ll be able to use a ton! So, if you have a guy that wants / does go hiking and all that jazz, this would be a great idea too!

I hope you all enjoyed this list! And find great gifts for your guys!


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