GIFT GUIDE: Everything $50 & $100

Gifts under $50
  1. Custom iPhone Case $50 - 100% obsessed with these phone cases and will definitely be pushing this onto my mom (or myself so I don’t get stressed out) and hoping there’s a Black Friday deal going too! They have a ton of different case colors, and fonts too! So this would make a great gift for your girlfriends too!

  2. Monogram Pouch $38 - These are adorable, and would be the best for keeping your ear bud cords organized or even your phone cords, when you’re traveling too! The colors are so pretty! You can’t really go wrong!

  3. Cream Turtleneck Sweater $49.99 - Cream, oversized sweaters are such a great staple for every wardrobe. This is a great gift for every woman in your life. Heck, even for you! I love these with jeans and booties of course, but I also love it with a midi skirt and heels too!

  4. Gold House Shoes $49.50 (40% off right now) - These are AMAZING! Yes, they are a house shoe, but they’re honestly SO FREAKING pretty! The gold is so good! It’s a little brassy, which is my jam! They run true to size, and are just the coziest.

  5. Glitter Statement Earrings $29.50 (25% off right now) - I always love finding a great pair of statement earrings that are festive for this time of year! And I love that these have tons of fun colors of glitter than just red and green! I feel like it makes them way more fun and not so literal for this time of year!

  6. Marc Jacobs Card Wallet $44.98 - Hello designer piece for under $50! If y’all don’t think I’m a wizard after finding this special piece, man I don’t know what will. I love the idea of giving this gift to a friend that is an entrepreneur is on the brink of becoming one. It’s so fun! It will definitely make a statement at any networking event!

  7. Gold and Marble Capri Candle $30 - My sister gave me this candle for my birthday a few years ago, and it’s honestly the best! It’s a year round scent that just fills your whole house up! Makes such a hostess gift too!

  8. The Home Edit ‘Not a Fashion Blogger’ Hat $25 - If you don’t follow @thehomeedit on Instagram, do yourself a favor and go do it now. And while you’re at it check out their show on the Sunshine network, it’s funny, heart felt, and genius - as far as the organizing goes! So, when they launched their shop of hats, tees, and mugs, this one just made me laugh. Because, like who would wear a hat that says fashion blogger on it in the first place. So, it’s obvious it’s meant to be ironic, which you know I’m here for that all day long!

  9. Sierra Winter Range Earrings $39 - I love this girl and her jewelry is so amazing! The mama necklace I wear, is by Sierra. She’s a KC girl that just always keeps crushing it! And I find these silver Range Earrings to be just so adorable and perfect for a family member or friend that has a very refined since of style. They’re an instant classic piece that will definitely be treasured!

  10. Red Knit Sweater $24.99 - My obsessive compulsive side wants to buy this now, so I can wear it on Christmas. Ya with me on this? It’s such a pretty red and can be worn with jeans and chic booties and a statement earring to casual holiday events! It’s a great piece you’ll be able to wear over and over!

  11. Black Google Home Base $40 - Now, this is just the base, not the whole Google Home (which is an awesome gift btw, just a bit higher than this guide is going), so sorry if that is what you were expecting. But, I love the contrast of the white top to the black bottom. I do think it makes the Google Home just a bit chicer, which is never a bag thing.

  12. ‘All I Want for Christmas is… Peter Kavinsky’ sweatshirt $34 - This popped up on my sponsored videos in IG stories, and I love it! If you haven’t watch ‘To All The Boys, I’ve Loved Before’ on Netflix, than this will make zero cents to you. But, if you have, then you WILL LOVE this! It’s kitchy and so true! LOL!

  13. Leopard Card Case $29.70 - This card case is so sassy, and I love it! It’s a wallet you can use when you go out at night, or just use it to keep important cards in a special space.

  14. Gold Peace Sign $50 - Another thing I have, sitting in my office, I just love this thing! It’s silly, and chic and just cute! I love this for a friend, or for a special someone who is casual but still has great style. I can see it styled in a bookshelf with family photos, or even on top of a stack of coffee table books too!

Gifts under $100
  1. Patchwork Fair Isle Hat $39.50 (40% 0ff right now) - You can’t go wrong with a little Fair Isle, well, anything. And I just LOVE the colors of this hat! I think it’s so great if you’re going on a ski trip this winter, or if a friend or family member is, this would be such a sweet gift!

  2. Nice List Sweatshirt $59 - This is so darn cute! I would totally buy these for my Mom and Sister to wear on Christmas morning! Or could wear this sweatshirt to a casual white elephant party too!

  3. Faux Fur Leopard Scarf $49.50 (50% off right now) - This is just so chic! I think this scarf is a gift that would be great to give to your sister who has everything, and will look so good on top of every style of coat too!

  4. Slip Pillow Case $85 - Okay, this is something I’ve been hearing about lately. My friend Gwen has one, and she loves it. This is essentially a very special pillow case that is silk, and so much more. It is also - anti-aging, anti-sleep crease, and anti-bed head too! If you have someone in your life that is literally the hardest person on the planet to find something for, because they’re that person that has everything, this is THE GIFT!

  5. Sierra Winter Jewelry Scout Stud $89 - These studs are incredible. I LOVE them. I wear them ALL the time. They are so gorgeous and handmade, and are just the best for anyone on your list. But, especially someone that admires keeping things simple. Because, they are tiny, but just so well done!

  6. Crosley Turntable $69.95 - This is honestly just the coolest gift. I’m personally obsessed with this teal color, but there’s a ton of other color ways, and is such a good gift for the dudes, and music lovers in your life. I can’t get over the price, honestly!

  7. Tan Leather Gloves $99 - I have a great pair of leather gloves, that are just the best gloves I own! These are not a tech glove, BUT, what a better excuse to not use your phone, than a gorgeous classic pair of gloves!

  8. Makeup Mirror $59 - My Mom always uses a fancy makeup mirror to do her makeup, and I never really did when I was growing up. But, Kev is building us a gorgeous master bathroom, and I’ll have a makeup vanity, and I can’t wait! So, I think I might need this! So, long story short, if you have a makeup / beauty lover on your gift list, this would be such a great gift!

  9. Navy Multi Metallic Clutch $69 - Hello, cutest perfect holiday clutch! Like, scoop this beautiful clutch up and wear it with all the classic pieces and stun everyone! I know this will be a show stopper that will definitely make heads turn!

  10. Chi Hair Straightener $99 - This is the hair straightener I use! I love it! It gets hot super FAST and stays hot! I do use this to curl my hair, and to straighten it too! Great gift for the high schooler in your life, or for your family member / friend that wants to change things up in the hair department. Oh, and have her watch my highlights on Instagram (@caitfore) on how I curl my hair!

  11. Tweed Pearl Flats $99 - Talk about OBSESSED! I ordered these flats the day they came out! And I didn’t even think about how the toe is pointy, and I should have gone up half a size, so that way I could wiggle my toes! And I did re-order and CANNOT wait to get these babies on my feet! If you have a Blair Waldorf in your life, these would make the most amazing gift!

  12. Gorjana Dainty Necklace $70 - Y’all know I LOVE dainty necklaces, and this one is just so pretty! It does take up a little more real-estate on your chest, than the itty bitty baby styles too. I think this is a very special piece that your Mom and/or MIL would definitely love! It’s great to layer other necklaces too!

  13. Leopard Bomber Jacket $85 - This jacket is so ridiculous, but I honestly I love it! The black and white stripes on the wrist and neckline and hips are so chic! And I really love the leopard print of this leopard jacket too! And there are so many different prints, and this one is so good! I can totally see myself wearing with a cute t-shirt and jeans! This is a great gift option for the bougiest girl on your list! Trust me, she’ll love it!

    I hope you all love this post too! Did you scope out the Gift Guide for all items under $20 and $5. Be sure to read it and find the best presents for your friends and family, especially their stocking stuffers! Let me know below what your favorite giftable item(s) from today’s Gift Guide?