GIFT GUIDE: Everything $10 & $20

Best gifts under $10
  1. Flocked Mini Tree $3.00 - The most precious little tree that you can give as a teacher gift, or even put it in the cutest coffee cup!

  2. Burt’s Bees Gift Set $4.99 - LOVE the Burt’s Bees lip balm, and honestly use it like 100x a day! And love the tinted balms and the cuticle oil balm is magic. So easy to throw on every night before bed!

  3. Cozy Socks $5.00 - Such a great stalking stuffer, and I love getting new pairs like these every year for Christmas.

  4. Morning Beautiful Coffee Cup $5.99 - Great teacher gift, that you can actually put the little flocked tree inside of, or even a Starbucks gift card to make your teachers feel so appreciated!

  5. Eye Patches $3.00 - A great gift that works for your girlfriends or even as a great stalking stuffer! Because hi, getting those puffy eyes tighter, is always a good idea!

  6. Hearth & Hand Orange Amber Room Spray $8.99 - I’m always a fan of a great room spray! It’s great for short notice visitors, ya know, incase you haven’t had your favorite candle burning all day. This scent will make you feel so happy!

  7. Lip Patches $3.00 - This is something I definitely need, to get smoother lips! This I would love to see in my stalking this year!

  8. Tidying Up Book $9.69 - Such a great gift for White Elephant or even for a family member’s stalking too! I haven’t read it, but I know a million people that have, and they all really love it! It gives you a new perspective of the things you own and how to organize them!

  9. Monogram Coffee Cup $4.99 - Thought this was a cute gift for guys too! Or even a male teacher. I love the sleek design and also tossing in a flocked tree or even a Starbucks gift card would be a great gift!

  10. Peppermint Shower Fizzers $8.00 - These are basically bath bombs, but for your shower! How great of an idea! Right!? I take way more showers, than baths, so why not, still have something that makes it way more festive and special!

  11. Green Wallet $9.99 - I love this classic style, and think the smaller style will be so good for everyone in your life!

  12. Bath Bomb $6.95 - This is honestly the BEST bath bomb, and I am for sure hoping to have this baby in my stalking this year!

  13. Velvet Headband $10.00 - One of my favorite fall/winter trends, the Blair-ish inspired headband! Love this option to try and it comes in a ton of different colors too!

  14. Waterproof Speaker $9.99 - I feel like this would be pretty awesome for the shower! Like, there have been so many times I’ve wanted to listen to a podcast while I’m showering, and I feel like this would make that dream actually come true!

  15. Marshmallow Cocoa Stirrer $1.00 - The best little stalking stuffer! Everyone in your family can sip their favorite cocoa and use this tasty stirrer while watching Hallmark Christmas movies all night long!

Gift Guide of gifts under $20
  1. Girl, Wash Your Face $11.49 - Honestly, if you only buy one thing from this list. THIS BOOK should be it! I found it to be so inspiring and gave me great ideas of how to move my businesses forward. If you feel stuck, or if you know someone who needs a boost, get this for them! Plus, this is the lowest price I’ve found it for too!

  2. J.Crew Factory Statement Earrings $25.00 - These babies are 50% off right now, and are such a great statement that you can wear with any sweater and jeans, truly. They make such a statement, they’ll be great for all the holiday events this year!

  3. Patterned Tights $16.50 - Just throw these on with a black dress and booties with the statement earrings, and you are so good to go! Or get them for your mom’s stalking, I know she’ll love them!

  4. Sketch Your Style Book $20.00 - This is such a fun gift for any fashion lover or even budding fashion lover! I wouldn’t be mad if this was under my tree either!

  5. Gold Bow Scrunchie $16.50 - Such an adorable white elephant or stalking present! Or if you have a younger girl in your life, I know she’ll LOVE this adorable thing!

  6. Bling Brush $19.00 - I have heard such great things about these pens! They make your jewelry look so good, and you don’t have to take it in to the jeweler! This would be so great for any of your newly engaged friends or family members!

  7. Patterned Socks $12.00 - HELLO, these are AMAZING! And I just want to wear them all the time under all the booties this winter! And these would just make the best stalking stuffer too!

  8. Tortoise Shell Earrings $20 - I have these! Love these! And they’re super light weight, so if you have someone in your life, that needs a cute pair of earrings, but can’t do heavy earrings. These are it! And they go with everything too!

  9. Stripe Headbands $14.50 - So darling! It can be worn casually with a sweater, skinny jeans, and booties, for a casual day! Or even to just hold your hair back while you’re washing your face, this is such a cute stalking stuffer!

  10. Evil Eye Ornament $16.00 - Just the cutest ornament, that would be a fun one to get for a ornament exchange with friends!

  11. Leopard Bandana $12.50 - I always love these and the colors on this one really caught my eye. It will look great tied around your neck, or just tied around a handle of a bag! This too would make a great white elephant gift!

  12. Gray Furry Houseslippers $12.00 - I keep seeing this style of house slippers, and am totally into this pair! I love how furry they are, and I know I’d love a pair for Christmas too! I bet your sister would too!

  13. Floral Earrings $12.25 - A darling little pair of earrings, that are a change of pace from all the holiday colors, that would look great with gray sweaters and jeans for sure!

I’m getting so excited for this weekend and finding just the right gifts for everyone on my list! And I wanted this first round of gift guides in a budget friendly too! So, I hope you all enjoy and find these lists helpful for your very own lists! Now tell me, who are you all voting for this year!? And stay tuned to the next gift guides, everything under $50 and $100!