Flatforms the perfect sandal for spring

Flatform sandals for spring and summer

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The flatform is a sandal that I fell quickly head over heals for last summer! I snagged this pair and work them all over the place! I love wearing them with skinny jeans, flowy skirts and dresses. Especially on days that I know I'm going to be walking around a ton and can't imagine wearing heels and don't really want to wear sneakers. I feel like these are such a practical style of shoe and I want you have them too! I searched all over to find the best ones. And these are my picks because they aren't too high, are comfortable and look good too! 

I hope you try one of these platform sandals out. And enjoy having a little bit more height while you're tackling all of life's to-dos! I know you can do it, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!