BABY #2 is arriving this August

We're expecting baby #2
We're expecting baby #2 | Sophisticaited | Cait Fore
We're expecting baby #2 | Sophisticaited | Cait Fore
We're expecting baby #2 | Sophisticaited | Cait Fore
We're expecting baby #2 | Sophisticaited | Cait Fore
We're expecting baby #2 | Sophisticaited | Cait Fore
We're expecting baby #2 | Sophisticaited | Cait Fore
We're expecting baby #2 | Sophisticaited | Cait Fore
We're expecting baby #2 | Sophisticaited | Cait Fore

Photos by Bianca Beck Photography

My Outfit Details: Dress: Athleta | Cardigan: Athleta (sold out) similar here | Booties: Nordstrom

Kevin’s Outfit Details: Sport Coat: Macy’s | Shirt: Bonobos | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Bennett’s Outfit Details: Sweater: Old Navy | Jeans: Cat & Jack | Shoes: Target

We are so excited!! We are welcoming our second baby this August! Kevin, Bennett and I are getting to add another baby to our family this August! I am so excited to share the news and finally let you guys in on how I’ve been feeling and all the things! Side note: We took these photos with Bianca Beck Photography for the Christmas cards, that ya know, I never had the energy to send out! So, I’m just glad that I can share them with you guys finally! I love these photos and how precious Bennett is too! Now, I’m gonna share more about this whole second pregnancy!

Due Date: August 10, 2019

We found out we were pregnant in early December. And I wish I was the wife that did something super special to tell Kev we’re having another baby. But, I am so NOT. But, Kev had a suspicion that we were pregnant, and bought a test. And I had read one wrong a few months ago when I KNEW we were pregnant (and I so wasn’t) so I showed him! And it said we were PREGNANT! And it’s such a serial moment. I can’t even describe it! It’s just the best day and I’ve never felt happier! Honestly! And I just can’t wait to find out what we are having and feel the flutters (as of 18 weeks, I’ve started to feel them)!

1st Trimester: WOW!! Got hit by a literal pregnancy truck, the second I found out I was pregnant. My body immediately bloated up something fierce. I couldn’t even get my wedding rings on, until I was 15 WEEKS! I felt my intestines move up immediately to make room for baby. It was NUTS! Oh and I’ve never been SO tired in my life! Like I was falling asleep while playing with Bennett, and actually took naps when Bennett napped. It was so nuts! I never do that! Yet, I HAD to take them! And they were so necessary! It was almost like I was fatigued. And with Bennett’s pregnancy I was never that tired, ever.

Cravings: All the CARBS! I wanted to try and be healthier this time around. But, I had to have Honey Nut Cheerios, all the time. I had to have everything bagels. I couldn’t eat spinach or tomatoes, which was so weird, because I love both of these things. And there were a few other things that I love and try and eat, and just couldn’t. It was so bizarre. I’ve had this constant feeling of nausea, but not intense, just there, to be just annoying enough. So, Kev found these ginger candies that saved me! They’re so good, and have definitely help curve the nausea.

Currently: 19 Weeks

Baby’s Size: Mango

Gender: March 25th

App To Track: The Bump

2nd Trimester: It has been a total DREAM!!! Like, so happy! I have my energy back! I can hang, and play, and am working out. I didn’t really workout when I was pregnant with Bennett, and I really wish I would have. I’m doing it to feel better and stay flexible and strong so that way when baby #2 arrives, I’ll be able to keep up a bit better. My bump is HERE! AND I LOVE IT! It still surprises me when I look in the mirror, but I am having fun dressing it. I’ve pulled out some of my favorite maternity pants, and tops so that has definitely helped. And I thought it might be helpful to me fellow mamas in the making, to link up my favorite new maternity pieces:

And I have been so excited to share the news with you guys! But, to be honest I have SO many friends that want to have babies and can’t and friends that have miscarried too! And there is a part of me that feels so LUCKY to have been able to get pregnant with my two babies. Like, I honestly feel guilty and like something bad will happen to be me if I’m too happy. I am so grateful for this experience and it’s one of the things I’ve always wanted to be, a MOM. And to be totally honest, it was easy for Kevin and I was blown away! And I feel honestly so thankful. But, there’s always a part of me that just wants all of my fellow mamas to know I think of you EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. And I want you know that you are scene and that you’re loved and that there’s a plan for you! I obviously have no idea what that is for. But, God made you to be the person you are with the desires and skills you have and put you on the path you’re on! And He will take care of you! He takes care of me every day! I rely on him for all of the anxieties and things I want to overcome.