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What to Wear to Workout in 2018

With the start of a new year, we all have work outs and fitness on our brains. Now, whether or not we actually get up and go is another story. Right? I get it, there are so many places to workout, where do you even start. Today I'm breaking down all the workout options available at Town Center Plaza and Town Center Crossing. And if you're like me, then you definitely need to know where to shop and what to buy for these workouts too! And I'm breaking down all of that today! Here's a road map off all the places to workout and look good doing it!

Where to work out at Town Center


Body Lab

Is like pilates on crack! The mega formers are huge and help create a deeper burn with every workout. I got to do this workout a few years ago and it was real tough, but it felt really good to stretch and do this workout. Check out my full review of it here. Now, I do think this workout is better for those that aren't on a HUGE weight loss journey. I"m sure you can loose weight and tone up doing it. 

Yoga Six

I'm a big fan of yoga, and this studio is amazing! The staff is super sweet, understanding, and helpful. So, if you're new to yoga and haven't ever done it before, this is the place to start. The Flow class is my absolute favorite! It's great for centering your thoughts and stretching your muscles! And if you're really into yoga and want to up your game, there are tons of hot yoga class that you can get even better at your practice too! 

Lucia Aerial

This aerial and trapeze studio is quite the experience, y'all! This is like Cirque du Soleil, and you can learn how to twist and turn and climb up all the fabrics and get a work out too! This is a great way to break out of your shell and learn a new way to be active! Plus, there's even classes you can do with your kids! I can't wait for Bennett to be old enough to try this! 

Heath House

This rowing studio is one incredible workout! Talk about a killer workout, this is it! They mix rowing, strength training to create a full body workout! They've got a ton of different class options that are bound to work for your schedule. It's definitely a workout I have on my list this year! 

Cycle Bar

This cycling studio opened up last year and its incredible! The staff work incredibly hard to make every single class incredibly fun and upbeat! There's tons of different themes and great music to make you get out of your seat and get moving! This is a workout that will definitely help you on your weight loss journey. As you can burn up to 1,000 calories in just one class! Like, hello, I'm into that! Check out my thoughts on it here


lulu lemon

I feel like this is everyone's favorite place to grab workout wear, that one wears to a workout, and just because. I'm a fan of their Wunder Under leggings are definitely a fan favorite. Their quality is top knotch and the overall styling is pretty fab too! They also carry menswear that can't be beat! Here are my current favorite pieces to kick off your workout game this year:


A fabulous place to find pieces to wear to just everyday and pieces for a great workout too! And not just workout wear for everyday. Like, legitimate normal cute everyday clothes that you'll want to wear over and over again. I'm a fan of their fabrics and prints that they do like every month. Plus, they even have a CYA (cover your assets) line that is too perfect for everyday life! Here are my current favorites:


This brand is also a fan of mine, and I've scored some pretty great pieces from them over the years. In February they will be leaving Town Center, so be sure to pop in and grab some amazing workout pieces. They are currently offering 50% off everything! Shop my favorites here:


We all know this mega workout performance store and probably be in a million times! I'm a big fan of shopping for shoes, Nike items, and of course goodies for my husband too! Here are my favorite items to grab for myself and Kev here:

I hope this year you find a workout regimen that works best for your lifestyle! I know I'm excited too! Let me know below what workouts you want to try! Heck, we should go together!

*This post was sponsored by Town Center Plaza and Town Center Crossing, all opinions thoughts are my own. 

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