5 Ways to Style a White Button Down Shirt

I think it is super important to build a wardrobe based on classics. Now, this comes from years and years, and yearrrrrrrs of buying trends and then feeling like I had nothing to wear (over and over again). Now that has never actually been true, but you know exactly what I am talking about. You fall in love with a bright, shiny, new something AMAZZZZING and then about two weeks later you're all, man I shouldn't have bought that... Or ya know bought something classic to mix it up with those trendy pieces of yours! So, here we are talking about the classic white button down shirt. This has probably been one of my favorite wardrobe staples since I bought my first Vogue (circa mid-late 90's) and was obsessed with Carolyn Bessette. There's just something about the crisp-ness I love about them, and mixing them with tough roughed up pieces or pairing them with soft and feminine pieces too. There's really no limit to what you can do! So I picked out 5 ways to wear the white button down shirt below. And man, I would wear all of these looks again in a minute. How do you like to wear yours? Oh, don't have one? Don't worry there's a guide to finding the perfect one for you based on your style below (that's what I'm here for). 

5 Ways to Style a White Button Down shirt

1. Under an embellished shirt with distressed jeans & booties

2. Front tucked into a pair of joggers & metallic shoes

3. Throw on a suiting blazer and boyfriend jeans & a pair of printed pumps

4. Tie up the front and pair with a silky maxi skirt & patent leather flats

5. Layered under a lace sleeveless top and boyfriend jeans & black booties 

1. J.Crew Factory $34.50

2. Express $50

3. J.Crew $69.50

4. Shopbop $185

5. J.Crew $138

I really hope this post helps navigate your white button down shirt hunt and sparks some fun creative ways for you to wear one too! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @caitfore and check out the #StyleC4Everyday style challenge! I'm launching something very exciting at the end of the challenge! Stay tuned!