Town Center: Yoga Six & Lucy Workout Wear

Six Reasons why you should check out Yoga Six:

1. It's brand new at Town Center - so it's super convenient for sure! It's located on Roe, basically across the the street from Corner Bakery and close to the Walgreens.  

2. They have cushy floors in their studios that make your toesies grab harder and just work your abs out even harder too, during their yoga classes. 

3. The brand new studio is GORGEOUS! Everything is bright, clean and fresh. Plus they have everything you need to get your yoga on. They've got everything from yoga pants, sweatshirts (super cute ones), tanks, head bands that actually hold your hair back, and even mats for rent. Ya know, in case you forget yours. Oh AND there's event USB ports in all the lockers so you phone can charge during the class!

4. You can shower off at the studio and I mean really do it there. They have normal size towels, shampoo and conditioner in the shower. I'm just saying, this is a major plus for this girl that never manages to remember the necessities but would much rather shower at the gym to save time. 

5. The staff is insanely nice and so excited about the new yoga studio and absolutely just love helping everyone! 

6. AND last but not least, great YOGA! The six in Yoga Six comes from 6 main results from a baller yoga practice: Stronger, Leaner, Calmer, Clearer, Braver and Further. Plus they also speak in "Everyday Language" (holler) so you can really get into it and not feel confused or lost. Oh and it's for all stages of yoga practices. So if you haven't been before no worries, or if you're a pro like me (just kidding) they will be able to continue your growth too! Plus they really focus on alignment and anatomy to make sure the body is always feel and working perfectly!

What to Wear: After your workout with Lucy

Lucy has some gorgeous workout wear that is of course cool for your actual workout, but these pieces are perfect for you to change into right after your workout! Just toss these in your bag and you're ready to go! 

Be sure to come back on the 1st and 3rd Monday on the month to see what Town Center has going on!

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