10 things you need to know about ARHAUS

I love home decor and as of late I have really been excited to get my home in great shape. So when I got the opportunity to tour a sneak peak of the Arhaus, I jumped at the chance. I pulled together a few of my favorite spaces and pieces and 10 things you need to know about Arhaus below. Oh, and I am showing you 10 of my favorite pices 

1. There is now an Arhaus now open at Town Center Plaza (next to Bristol)!

2. The store was built to attain as much natural light as possible.

3. You can buy EVERYTHING in the store at all times . Including the floral arrangements (all the time).

4. Everything you see in the store is in stock and delivers within two to four weeks, custom orders can take anywhere from 8 to 12.” Small accessories you can buy and take

with you, including the floral arrangements. :)

5. They have one of a kind vintage pieces that collect from all over the world. So when you see one you like, you better snatch it up before it's gone. 

6. I might have forgot to mention this - it's well curated home furnishings (and more) store with pieces that are so well made, it's pretty impressive.  

7. What does Arhaus mean? It's a play on the German word for home - Haus. John Reed the CEO of Arhaus thought up after spending sometime in Europe.  

8. They pair with true artisians to make their products from all over the world.

9. The store makes you feel like you're in a another world! 

10. And it opens TODAY! 


My favorites from Arhaus:

favorites from arhaus

1. Aluminum Deer Head 

2. Continue to be Frames print 

3. Grant Chandelier

4. Skull candle

5. Cowhide pillows

6. Round pouf

7. Outerbanks Upholstered Sofa

8. Carved Mirror 

9. Alex leather chair

10. Marciano shaggy rug

I hope you get to pop into the new store Arhaus at Town Center! But, if you can't I hope you enjoyed my little bit from behind the scenes. And just curious, what do y'all think about my favorites? Cool, right!?

Have a great Memorial weekend!