Home Tour: Our Living Room

You all know that I LOVE fashion and love sharing everything with you. Did you know that I also LOVE interior decorating too? It was my very first passion back in the day and love having a home I can try out all of my ideas on. 


  •  Used to have oak wainscoting around the room. And the upper part of the walls were a pretty greenish blue. But the room just seemed too heavy and dark. So we painted it a lighter blue with a black glaze from Sherwin Williams 
  • All of our furniture in the room except for the wood chest were hand me downs. The hubs and I are planning on up grading the couch and recliner (YES) sometime in winter or fall. 
  • Oh and I white washed the brick around the fire place to soften the room. It's a messy project for sure, so be sure to tarp and tape off everything! 
  • The metal around the fire place was gold brass and I spray painted it with a matte high heat black spray paint. All I did was use newspaper and painters tape to make sure the overspray didn't get on anything. 


  • Window pane is from our neighbors. They gave it to us when they replaced all of theirs. I have another one if anyone wants one!
  • The stripe "F" I found at the JLKCMO Holiday Mart and am obsessed with it!
  • The glass container I found at Home Goods and filled it will faux moss rocks I found at Target. 
  • The mercury glass candle holder was a gift from my aunt and is from Pottery Barn. 
  • I have the spring candle from Bath and Body Works is sitting in it. 


  • The printed curtains are from Walmart! I think they are easy and play well with everything else in the room. 


  • The tray on the side table was a gift at one of our wedding showers from my aunt and is filled with a bunch of old pictures of Kev (the hubs) and I. A great gift that I love!
  • The books have been collected over the years. 
  • The conch shell was the perfect purchase from a trip Kev and I made to the BVI with our besties from college. 
  • The tassels were found at a thrift store - I feel like I see some like these at Hob Lob all the time
  • Gold urchin was a Target score and I have know they just started carrying them again!
  • White milk glass vase was a thrift store find.
  • Little candle is marshmallow fireside from Bath and Body works.


  • This rug has totally brought this room together. It's literally the softest thing ever and I lay on it any chance I get! It's the biggest size too. 
  • Braided poofs are old and are from Target and I got on sale! I feel like I see them there all the time! And these are great for when you need more seating in a pinch!
  • Stripe blanket is from Ikea and it's super affordable and I use it all the time!
  • Fore pillow was a gift from my sister-in-law. I'm not sure where she found it. But I found this one from Pottery Barn that is adorable too!
  • The "&" pillow is from Crate and Barrel and was one of the first things I bought when we moved into our house.
  • Orange printed pillow was one of the first pieces my husband and I picked out together when we got married and it's was from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
  • The white and black printed pillow is from Ikea and I am definitely thinking about picking up another one for the couch. 
  • The lamps next to the couch are from Target (surprise) and I love the extra light they create plus the rustic feel is great in this room. 

I hope you all enjoyed this little tour of our living room. We literally live in the room and I am so thrilled at how it feels now! 

Do you all like to decorate your home? What are your favorite pieces in your living room?