Gift Guide: Valentine's Day

For Her: Heart bagFollow your heart pillowWhat I love about you bookLove FortunesLotsa Love candleHeart frame,Helzberg studsIt was always you cardClarisonicPink Pumps

For Him: Electric Razor,  Roasterie Gift SetChristopher Elbow chocolates available at the Roasterie in Town Center Crossing,CologneWhisky setCandy machineDress shoesTravel SetCuff LinksBeer foam removerRed tie, and Fit Bit 

Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner (this Saturday incase you didn't know), and I thought I'd bring to the surface the fun Town Center gift guide I made for the Town Center post last week. It's got fun and flirty gifts that are sure to make your loved ones swoon, even your besties too. I hope you make fun plans this weekend and really get to celebrate love! It's cheesy for sure, but there's nothing better than getting to just hang with the one you love, right!? 

What's your favorite part about Valentine's Day? Chocolate? Dinners? Quality time? I'd have to say mine is time out of the house and just getting to connect with my hubs this year. Can't wait to hear what your favorite part is.