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Who's ready to learn how to get these three hair styles with Parlor? Well, this girl is pretty excited/obsessed with what she learned from these fabulous women. First, have you ever had a blow out? Or a dry style? If you're lucky enough to live in the KC area the ladies at Parlor are where you need to go - to get your first one. They are so sweet and totally worked their magic on me. As you all know I usually wear my hair in soft curls, so I asked them to do something a little bit different, and they totally ran with it. As you read yesterday, our inspiration for the first look (super side part) was Sienna Miller from the Golden Globes, I was dying to see how they could make my hair look like that! Plus once they curled may hair Jessica styled it two other ways! What a sweet deal, right!? Well keep reading and you'll get some great tips on how to achieve these looks. 

Step One: Curls

Section out the hair in layers, then section out one inch sections of hair and curl from the root. To do that take the one inch section of hair and wrap the hair, starting at the root around the barrel. Also a fun tip - wrap only half of the hair around the barrel, hold it for a couple seconds, then wrap the remaining hair around the barrel and hold. This will give you more volume at the root and make it easier to style - cool right!? I had never thought to curl my hair like that. 

Step Two: Texture

Take every other strand of curl and rub Sachajuan Hair Wax into small little sections of the curls, this will help hold the curls in place and not make them look too Shirley Temple-ish. Another tip I had never tried before. Now I will for sure!

Step Three: Root Boost

Take a one inch layer of hair and spray Sachajuan Dark Volume Powder at root of hair. You can do this around your crown and into the back of your hair. It's great for natural looking volume and for those girls with dark hair - it doesn't leave that white powdery look that some other dry shampoos leave. So, that's why I picked up a bottle of this for myself - plus it smells amazing! Jessica also added some Sachajuan Hair Perfume to my hair too. Also, something I had never tried before, but it too smells so good! I left feeling very refreshed and glam. 

Step Four: Styled

Super Side Part: my absolute favorite of the three styles we did! We parted my hair line harsher on the left side of my head (as I always do). What side to you part your hair on? I used to ALWAYS part it on the right side, and fought with my cowlick, until I changed to the left side. And the rest of history. So - to achieve this look, you need to add volume to the back of your crown, slick down the pieces tucked behind your ear, and you're all set. Now get on Pinterest and type in Super Side Part, and you're mind will be blown to see how many other celebs have been doing this hair style. It's awesome! Now go try it! 

Side Part: This is my everyday go to and I love it. Is easy and sophisticated, and I like the way Jess styled my bangs away from my face! What a life saver.  I also just love the volume at the crown - I just can't get enough.

Middle Part: This one surprised me the most. I don't usually ever style my hair this way, but loved this too. I love that all the curls just feel the way they needed to on every since style. It was amazing. I would have thought we would have had to re-curl some of the sections to make all the styles look their best, but we didn't!! Hence why I was so excited to show you how to curl your hair one way, but get three styles out of it! Pretty amazing!!

Now, I think every girl show go get a blow out for two reasons, just to learn a new way to style their hair and for a special occasion! Like Valentine's day! So make a call to Parlor and set up an appointment or whatever blowout bar is in our area! It's so fun and you're ready to rock the day or night! Oh you can buy the Sachajuan products at Parlor! 


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