#Girlboss Gift Guide + Shopbop Sale

girl boss gift guide

I feel like there are so many of us #girlboss babes out there and we need our own gift guide. I've scene a couple on Pinterest that thought this idea would be wicked cool to pair up with Shopbop on. Do you ever shop them online? I didn't know about them until late last year and have to say I dig what they've got going on. They are like a mix of Nordstrom, Paper Source, and Anthropologie. And for the holidays they've got some really fantastic gifty pieces that I collected for you today!

But first back to the #girlboss thing. Do you have a chica in your life that is a solo entrepreneur and is living out her dream? Or at least working on it? Well this is the perfect list for you! And honestly these ladies probably just need a pat on the back and some encouraging words, but those can just be written on the card you give her along with these sweet presents. Am I right?

Okay so here is the break down of the awesome things on this list and why you should buy them:

1. Pretty notebook - I ALWAYS have one of these in my bag, as you never know who you'll meet or when someone will give you an awesome piece of advice that you need to remember.

2. Girly sticky notes - These are great to write little reminders on and leave for yourself around your computer screen, planner, bath room mirror, you get the gist. 

3. Gold water bottle - I mean, it's gold and it will keep her hydrated. Win, win.

4. Acrylic ring holder - A girl's gotta have a chic place to put her rings, right?

5. Encouraging little tote - Who doesn't need a little encouragement hiding in the inside of their purse? Plus is a great way to keep those receipts in order.

6. Fancy socks - I have a pair of these fun little guys and can tell you, she will dig these. Preferably in her stocking, I'm assuming. 

7. Graphic sweatshirt - Chances are your #girlboss lives in sweats while she is working like a dog. So why not fancy her up a bit with a cute one!

8. Gold pens - are you catching on to the theme here? Normal everyday item (pen) but fancier. She needs these in her life!

9. Cross body purse - the most practical of all purses. She doesn't even need to use her arms to carry it. So make it a cute one So she will want to carry it all the time, and think of you while she does.

10. Ring cone - again with the rings, this is a cute little one she can put on her desk and throw her rings on it, when she gets tired of them turning and getting in the way of her progress (trust me, this is a real problem). 

11. Business card holder -  I'm a big fan of always having a lot of business cards on me at all times and believe mine and your #girlboss(es) would look just as fab and profesh in one too.

12. Catch all dish - again definitely a fancy place to rest her keys, phone, heavy earrings, bracelets, just whatever she needs to take off when she gets home. Oh, and it will make a perfect photo op for Instagram, just saying. 

13. Earring holder - Can I just say this one is genius. The post earrings in all of our lives don't always have the best place to rest after a long day. If they are small they might be able to fit in the ring cushions in your tiny jewelry box, or in the tiny drawer under them. But most likely they will just sit on your dresser, am I right? So this is a great way to keep them from having to just be in the way, and you can actually see what you've got!

14. Small wallet - chances are your #girlboss is going to need a night out on the town. And what better way to do that than gift her a cute glittery wallet to carry just her necessities in her new cross body purse with. See where I am going with this? I hope so.

15. Laptop case - I'm going to assume she already has something like this...but who doesn't need an upgrade, right? 

16. Tassel key fob - We've all got keys, so why not give her the super cute one to carry them on!

17. iPhone case - Okay so I might have gotten a little assumptive here with the fact that your #girlboss has an iPhone. But she does doesn't she...so yeah, grab one of these and plop it right into her stocking! She'll love it!

18. Coffee mug - She's probably working 100% harder than everyone thinks she is and because of that she needs the fuel, coffee. And what better way to do it than with a glammed out coffee mug! Boom!

19. Hilarious wine glass - So on the flip side, your #girlboss is probably a wino. How else is she supposed to deal with this whole entrepreneur thing anyways, right? Ain't no body got time for that. So why not gift her this super cute wine glass and a bottle of your favorite wine, and enjoy it with her! 

20. Desk calendar - any reminder of what is ahead is a magical one. This is fun way to show her she can do it! And you can even mark fun dates on the calendar for her - but just make sure it's with a gold pen or washi tape, okay?

I sure hope you enjoyed this super fun gift guide! Don't worry! There will be more where this came from! 

Now to talk about an insanely crazy sale going on at Shopbop, it's the buy more save more sale. AKA grab your mom, cousin, grandma, friends, friendemies, neighbors, a person off the street and order it all together so you can save money on some fantastic pieces! I'd go for a designer bag that's just a touch outside your price range for this one. As you can never have too many hand bags, am I right! 

Shopbop Sale

Enjoy the sale!! You've got 6 days!