the chick event at park place

you know how i love park place. i mean what's not to love, good food, good entertainment and it's super close to were i live! so last weekend i was invited to attend the chic event. it was the first of many and i enjoyed every minute of it. a ton of my favorite local retailers were there, my husband loved getting to chat with katy from sandlot goods about their wallets. it was a pretty cool moment for sure. we had a great time checking out all the tents and talking to the vendors about their products. i was blown away by all the talented artists and designers that attended. i pretty much wanted one of everything! the fall decor signs i loved! i mean how stinkin' cute are they!? that burlap pumpkin is adorable, wanted that for the casa. the watercolor on canvas painting blew me and hubs away. the baby moccasins and printed pants had me swooning (no babies yet). the colors of the abstract painting were beautiful! the vintage jewelry and bags i was literally dying over, there's an art deco necklace that i'm still thinking out. the music and food was amazing!! oh and those homemade soaps - killer, my favorite was a mint and lavender mixture. see what i mean, everything at the chick event was awesome! and i can't wait to go again. to learn more about the event check it here

have a great weekend! and if you're in kc - head down to the plaza and enjoy the plaza art fair!


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