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it's that time again to for kcfw! yes. kansas city fashion week is back! i can't wait to attend the shows, talk to the designers, and see their new collections. you might remember how much fun i had last spring, here, here, and here. lauren bander is definitely one of my favorite designers from the spring shows. she stood out to me last year with her carrie bradshaw meets goth girl collection. i adored her effortlessly layered tutu looks with cozy hand woven shawls. we teamed up together to get you all excited about kcfw and her presentation, by bringing you a great giveaway! be sure to enter the giveaway for one of lauren's amazing hand woven scarfs. a winner will be picked on friday, september 26th and announced on instagram and twitter. i thought it would be awesome to learn a little bit more about lauren too. so i've asked her a few questions so you can get to know her!

1. how excited are you about presenting at KCFW this year??

I am SO excited to be showing again at KCFW!  This quickly became one of my favorite shows to be a part of and I look forward to the opportunity of coming back each season.  KC now feels like my home away from home and I love being able to come back each season to show everyone my newest collection.  It makes it even more fun & exciting (and sometimes even makes me a bit nervous) that I have so many people excited to see me back and can't wait to see what I've been working on.
I enjoy working with everyone that's a part of this show so much and love that I have become friends with so many.  I've been very lucky too because a lot of my girls (my models) have been with me since my first season at KCFW and they are a huge reason as to why I look forward to coming back each season.  I couldn't ask for a better group of girls, or to be a part of a better, more giving show (they are always giving back to their community, and this season have even partnered with the Make-A-Wish foundation).  I definitely feel honored to be able to show with them and cannot wait until Saturday.
2. how many years have you presented at KCFW? 
This is my 4th season with KCFW.  My first show was in the Spring of 2013. 
3. how would you describe your new collection?
The best way to describe my new collection is that it is very me.  Spring collections are usually a little more difficult for me because I'm not a very colorful person and a lot of people expect to see brighter colors and bold prints on the Spring runways.  I personally like neutrals, especially black and other dark colors.  So that tends to make creating these collections a bit more difficult.  This time though I decided I wanted to do a spring collection I would really love, so I'm taking a slight risk and there won't be any color on my runway.  The designs though stay true to me and what I always do: pieces with an abundance of fabric, lots of movement on the runway, feminine...That part won't change, it's just that it won't be your typical spring/summer color story.  
4. what inspired this collection?
My inspiration for this collection was photos of Paris.  They have sort of an eerie feel, mysterious...but I think they're really beautiful photos.  They're a bit dark but still beautiful, sort of what I was going for with this collection.  
5. who inspires you the most?
As a designer one of my biggest inspirations has always been Christian Dior.  I love his feminine styles and the large amounts of fabrics he used.  His gowns have always been an inspiration, and what I look towards when I fall into a creative block. 
6. what is your favorite piece from the collection?
My favorite piece in the collection....this is a difficult question.  My favorite always tends to change. I'm partial to ball gowns, I would wear one everyday if I wouldn't get such crazy looks lol so those are always some of my favorites and the reason I usually have more than one in the collection.  But another of my favorite is a long, black chiffon strapless dress.  Its super simple, but I think that's why I like it so much.  I tend to like the really simple pieces, because I like to be able to layer them or change looks just by changing accessories.  
7. when do you present at KCFW?
8. where are you from?
I am from St. Louis, MO
9. how long does it take you to create your lines for KCFW?
While I'm constantly thinking of new designs and what I'll do next, the actual process of creating a collection (from the idea stages and mood boards to the completion of samples) usually takes me about 5-6 months, depending upon the number and complexity of the designs.  But it is also not unlike me to throw out some pieces and start almost completely over just weeks  before, you just can't ignore when inspiration hits lol 
10. who are your top three (i'm sure you have more) favorite designers?
So of course my favorite designer is Christian Dior...but I also really love The Row (designed by Mary-Kate Olsen & Ashley Olsen) and Alice+Olivia.0
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