night out with kendra thornton

i got a great opportunity to put together this great look for kendra thornton! you might have heard of her, she's a travel expert that has been featured on the tyra banks and nate berkus show. pretty amazing right!? 

she is going to a party in NYC and wanted help putting together a look for the night out! she's a mama so i wanted to create a look that would make her feel appropriate and sassy! i adored this peplum jump suit and added pops of cobalt blue to complete the look.

Kendra gave me the specifics of her trip: 
Kendra is going to New York City and experiencing fine dining is very exciting for many people. However, for mothers it is positively luxurious! I am a mother of wonderful children whom I love dearly. However, because I am usually lounging around in sweat pants or the dreaded mom jeans, I have no idea what to wear for this occasion. I really need to put together an outfit that is sophisticated and has a great deal of flair. I will be wining and dining at one ofNew York Cities best hotels that night, so this outfit needs to reflect that.
I will be dining at The Standard, High Line Hotel. This restaurant is an elegant penthouse lounge and has sensational views of the city. The food is excellent, using only the finest ingredients. There will also be a live jazz band to enhance the experience. The atmosphere seems extremely lavish with unique décor and finishes. It is the perfect setting for an upscale night out for wining and dining with friends.
New York City is such a wonderful place, and it has its own unique vibe. The city draws many different types of people who come to explore the culture that is unlike any other. There are numerous activities to keep a tourist entertained. With so many different options, I found help building my itinerary on Gogobot. The travelers there are experts and were able to help me piece the entire trip together. Because New York City is such a fashionable city, having the right outfit is very important. No matter what your plans are in the city, if your outfit is below par it can make you feel out of place. Whether you are going to see a live Broadway show, splurging on shopping, or going out to an elegant dinner the outfit has to match the occasion. Therefore, having the right outfit will definitely make the night more fun.

she will be sharing it too! I'll keep you posted on where you'll be able to vote on the look! 

would you wear this out in NYC? sure sounds fun, right?


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