today marks three years of marriage to my husband (yes, the guy i usually refer to as my babe)! i thought today i would share a little bit about our love, and a little reflection of our marriage. 

i have to say, i love getting to be married. and i totally understand why people tell you to marry your best friend. it's not just because your best friend will always have your back and will support you, but because, i mean you are with this person all of the time, and it's way more fun with your bestie. my babe sure is mine. i really do mean this, i think it is super important to have a partner that is your best friend. it's a great way to ensure a wonderful life together. when he's not available and i need advise on something - i feel a little lost. it's so nice to get his point of view and thoughts on things. you know, like, if my outfit looks good (or whack), what i need to prioritize, or even pack (always triple check the make-up, i may or may not have left it at home before a week long trip in mexico. tragic, so we high tailed it the closest store asap). it's always so nice having someone there to love you, no matter what. 

i have learned so much, while getting to be married to kev. he is my soul mate and we are a great balance to each other. i feel like we grow into each other, and learn more about each others needs and preferences all the time. the give and take can be tough, but when you are able to let yourself receive the love, your love can give you, you've got it. and it just feels right. and that is where it's at for me. love.

we're getting away this weekend to chicago with our church's youth group for a fellowship trip. i'm excited to grow with him even deeper this weekend.


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