styling tips #1

i am excited to share my passion and thoughts with you here. 
i love getting to help others feel better about themselves through how they look. this is the first of a series called styling tips. i want you to feel good in the pieces that you have, and i am going to help you do it. 

my clients always want help creating outfits out of the pieces they already own, 
which i love. 
i always have to start with the closet. 

as a stylist, i find the closet is the root of every wardrobe. 
it houses all the goods. 
so to get started on making your wardrobe shop-able, 
i've created a list, of how to make your closet full of stuff, into your dream wardrobe.

1) okay don't kill me here. but first, you must take all your clothes out of your closet. sort them by category: shirts, sweaters, skirts, pants, jackets, dresses, belts, hats, shoes, and jewelry. cold weather and warm weather.

2) keep. toss. donate. 
yep, you gotta do it. this is the most overwhelming part of this whole process, for sure. it's hard to get rid of things you spent your hard earned money on. but if you don't wear it - someone else will. i try to keep that in mind when i clean out my closet and my client's closets. 

keep the pieces you wear all the time and love. 
toss the pieces you stare at, every time you walk into your closet and think - 
that fits me so weird, i'm never going to wear that. 
donate also means sell. there are tons of resell shops all over place. 
it's a nice way to at least get a little cash.

3) hang by style, sleeve length, then color. i know, sounds backwards. but, i find it much easier to "shop your closet" when you can see exactly what's in it. hanging your garments from shortest to longest, will make it much easier to shop your closet. trust me.

i like to color coordinate each section of garment. take my sleeveless shirts for example, i will start with my warmer colors - think oranges and reds then i'll fade to yellows, creams, on to greens, blues, purples, black. do you know what i mean?

4) now, what to do with the accessories. keep in mind the pieces you wear on the regular versus the pieces you wear once and a while. i keep things i wear more often, easier to get to and put away, so i will. if, i organize something impractically it just means i am not going to put it back where it belongs. you feel me on this?

jewelry: hang it so you can see it. otherwise  you won't wear it. i use a jewelry tree (you can see from this post) on my dresser for my necklaces and have a jewelry box (from my husband) to keep my earrings, rings, and bracelets in (he must have been trying to tell me something).  

scarfs and belts: a coat hook or tie hanger are my favorite things. it's keeps them all together and wrinkle free.

hats: i keep my displayed above my shoe boxes in my closet. it's best to keep them out so they can keep their shape.

shoes: sorting by season and reason is key. gym shoes need to probably stay downstairs or just in the gym bag, right? no reason to take up space when there are pretty pumps to display. sandals with sandals, pumps with pumps, boots with boots. i recommend organizing them by color, warm to cool, just like above. 

5) enjoy those pieces you fell in love with. create outfits that make you feel wonderful. 

i found all these adorable closets here, here, here, here, here, and oh yeah, here


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