peter pilotto + target

i've been pretty distracted with all the sjp hype lately, that i almost forgot to talk about the new target colab! but who can blame me, cards and shoes. and a target colab so much to cover, so little time. 
i love the color block of this blazer

the pattern mixing of this collection is pretty awesome. it makes it hard to pick my favorite look. what are your favorite pieces?

see what i mean? the color blocking? love it.

this dress is totally stole the show, and how could it not? it's totally gorgeous!

did you know that this look is a top and skirt!? you might want to call it a "hook up" - thank you Jenna Lyons for that term of endearment. and yes, you can totally do this.

i am totally obsessed with this look. the structure of this skirt is totally fab!

who's ready for summer!? haha me either, well the warmth sounds pretty fantastic! i love the nod to the corset design of this top. what do you think?

here's another favorite piece of mine. i really like the soft shades of blue mixed with the black and white of this dress.

okay, so i know you've been wondering...but here is my favorite look from the peter pilotto + target collaboration! the silhoute is so flirty and fun. i also really like the pattern mixing they did. all the colors and prints really go together well. 

the collection will hit target stores on feb. 9th. you can also shop the collection on net-a-porter too. 

who is ready to fun to stores on feb. 9th? i know i am!

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