master bedroom inspiration

the hubs and i bought our first home 2 years ago this coming june. we decided to go a bit bigger for our first home. so we just got a great bedroom set - a king size bed, incredible. and now we feel like real adults:)

below are some pictures of the master. 

my nightstand. complete with my fuji camera, nail polish, and ring dish.

the tall dresser - for the hubs

the hubs night stand. complete with change bowl hand made by him. and two good reads. 

my dresser - complete with part of my jewelry collection and foldables.

love the embroidery details of our new bedding. which we totally forgot about when we bought our new bedroom set. haha until we were checking out. 

how adorable are the side tables and lamps. love

this huge room finally feels full and close to complete.

the jewels.

the euro shams and decorative little pillows are so great.

the kate spade frame with a vintage vase to decorate the new tv.

the hubs is a big fan of gallery walls - i had a good time putting this little one together.

i am so happy with our new bedroom set. king size is definitely where it's at. plus, this room is huge. i never thought we would be able to fill it up. but huge furniture in a huge room - totally works. 

now, i am thinking about changing out the paint colors for the focal wall and the rest of the room. and a rug, and new curtains... 

master bedroom inspiration

a good girlfriend of mine is coming over tomorrow to look at paint swatches and help me have a better vision for what is to come. 

what do you think?