globes + sag fave

cate is seriously perfect. the lace. i mean, it's insane.

emma surprised everyone with this look. pants = genious

the young 90's girl inside of me was going bananas to see this dream boat at the globes.

okay, kate was absolutely killing it - as always. i mean, when she was on stage. she took my breath away. for real. so stunning. 

go gucci. totally perfect pop of green for margot robbie's look.  

love her red. this hair with the jewels. go girl

i'm obsessed with how this lace lays on her. absolute perfection. and the peplum - so gorgeous and fun. 

best pregnant look. ever.

so glamorous and age apropro, emma.

julia the queen. always so cool and gorgeous.

amy girl is killing it at the sag awards. very glam.

kerry totally shocked everyone with a cropped top with a baby bump and full skirt. but looks totally fabulous. like, what!?

i'm so glad to see clare at the sag awards and her dress is perfect! oh and her hair - my new inspiration!

jlaw's look is so glam. the drop earrings are so gorgeous with her edgy do. 

new couple alert! haha jk. but how gorgeous are these two!

sandra's look in this lanvin dress is perfect. she is so statuesque. 

kaley looks gorgeous. i like the gray dress. she looks so put together - i love it!

thank you for stopping by and  checking out my favorite looks from the golden globes and sag awards. i wanted to share the looks i liked. share the love. 

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