Suede for Spring

Blank NYC suede jacket outfit
Black outfit for spring
Blank NYC suede jacket
Stella and Dot tassel earrings
Blank NYC suede jacket
All black spring outfit
Blank NYC suede jacket

Jacket: Nordstrom | Tank: Express (old) similar here, here, here | Jeans: Old Navy | Pumps: Nordstrom | Clutch: Target | Earrings: Stella and Dot 

Six month shots are no joke y'all. Bennett has been such a champ in the past, I kind of assumed it would be that way this time he got his shots. But, I had to wake him up from his nap. And I changed him, so I mean I get it, no one wants to be woken up and then change clothes. Yeah, no thanks. But he was like immediately hungery, again, must get that from me, so I made him a bottle, while he was loosing it in the lobby. Another little boy asked if he was okay. I just told him Bennett was hangry, and I think he understood. Then we went to meet the nurse and got weighed and measured. We've got a big one y'all! And I'm so thankful! As it look Bennett about three weeks to get back to his birth weight. (STRESS.FUL). So where in like 80% in height and 60% in weight and our head is a good size too. Yay! Then we talked with our P.A. about what he's eatting, doing and pooping 😂. We started Bennett on solids a few weeks ago and he's been enjoying them. We've tried sweet potatoes, avocados, and bananas, they just have to be super runny. But, he likes them! So that's pretty cool! Then the nurse came in with the shots 😬, and I knew he would hate it. But, usually he's super mad like RIGHT when the shot goes in. And then he's cool, almost immediately. But, not today. Plus, I had to do the appointment solo & had to hold down his arms while the nurse administer the shots. UGH! That was so hard to do and watch. I don't know if I'm just too big of a baby or what!? But, MAN that was just nerve racking. And it like shakes me to my core. Then we got in the car and headed home and he took a nice nap! Woop! So here are some of my tips on how to survive the baby-shots-breakdowns, when drinking isn't an option:

1. Schedule your doctors appointment when you know your baby will be in a good mood.

2. Bring lots milk to sooth that baby before and after the shots. 

3. Bring a blanket to hold that sweet baby in while you feed. 

4. Pick a pediatrician that is close to a drive through, just trust me on this one!

5. Make sure you're stocked up on plenty of sweets at the house.  

And once you're home and baby is down, call your mama.  And know that this moment feels a little bit too intense and like you'll feel like this always. But, as anything else, this too shall pass and everything will be okay. Oh and you're a rockstar and need to enjoy that Sonic drink and Reece's egg(s) like the boss you are! 


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