styling services

have you ever wondered how a woman can look so put together? 
that woman can be you! i can create the wardrobe that perfectly fits your needs and style, and budget!

i can build a plan that works just for you. 

1) complementary consultationto get the ideas rolling. 
i like to get to know my clients and what truly understand their needs and what they are wanting. 

2) wardrobe consultation: my favorite part!
i come over to your casa and check out your wardrobe so that way i can understand your sense of style. i'm here to help you feel good, so don't worry about anything embarrassing in your closet. i'll help you go pick through the weeds to find the flowers.

3) make room for the new: and get rid of what you don't wear.
 i'm like hoarding clothes just as much as the next girl, but if you aren't wearing  it, why are you lettin' it take up space in your closet? your closet is meant to be shopped, so why not?

4) let's get it organized. so you know what's in there.

5) complete your wardrobe: checklist is ready
i've got a solid list of classic items every wardrobe must have. a lot of these items everyone has and they don't even know it. that's great right!? then i can shop with you to find the rest of your wardrobe. 

6)make sure you feel good. 

i want to make you feel good about the way you look.  let me help you do that!

i charge $75/hr and can build any plan that works for you.

sound like a plan? drop me line and we can set up a consultation to get it all started.


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