Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018: What you need to know!


The infamous Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is happening this week, and I'm sure you've heard A TON about it! It's a sale that I started shopping a few years ago to get my clients, to set them up for their fall and winter wardrobes, and then got hooked myself. So, here's the deal. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (also known as the #NSALE) is once a year, and is BRAND NEW fall & winter pieces but at a discounted price!!! Like, that never happens, ever, in any other retail world. The sale always happens once the season is over and the goods need to get gone! But, Nordstrom wins again y'all by being the retail geniuses that they are!

So here's the deal, if you are a Nordstrom Cardholder (the perks are maj, so think about applying, and if you want to, you can apply for you Nordstrom CC here. Also, I've heard they have a debit option too ((holla))), the sale opens up EARLY for you on July 12th! Hence why gettin' that CC is pretty baller. If you don't have a Nordstrom CC and are not into the idea of getting one, than the #NSALE officially starts on July 20th, and they usually restock items on this day. BUT, not always. So, as I always say, if you want it, snag it! AND return it, if it doesn't work out! 

#NSALE 2018

You will be able to shop the sale items online, even if you don't have the CC. All you have to do is sign up for Nordstrom Rewards!! This is huge! I had no idea! You can even earn $10 in rewards for joining, and earn dollar for dollar on all your rewards purchases, that you can redeem at Nordstrom! 

1. Get a Nordstrom CC - or borrow your besties! 

2. Scour that fall wardrobe of yours to scope out the pieces you have, the pieces you need, and create a little list of what you need! 

3. Shop the catalog and get a good idea of the pieces you want to grab once the sale goes live on the 12th! 

4. Shop the Sale on July 12th online and in store!

5. Get freakin' pumped for one heck of a fall and winter wardrobe! And a wish for cooler temps! 

Now, to my favorite part...sharing my favorite Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items with y'all! So, here they are!!! I'm so pumped for a bunch of different things and I wanted to walk you through why I love these pieces and what's on my radar. I'm always on the hunt for clothes I can wear while I'm home with Bennett, out styling clients, date nights, and just pieces that make me happy! So, with that in mind, many of these pieces are going to be great for work and play! Let's dig in shall we!? Scroll through to see my favorites and be sure to click on these babies and save them to your Pinterest boards until the sale goes live! 

I really can't wait to get these babies on and do a try on session for y'all. Ya know, while I'm in Alaska!! Be sure to let me know what your favorite styles are and what pieces you have on your radar! 


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