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Dress: Modern Society | Denim Jacket: Madewell | Hat: Modern Society | Shoes: Modern Society | Purse: Francesca's | Necklace: Madewell | Earrings: Anthropologie | Belt: Anthropologie 


Dress: Modern Society | Denim Jacket: Madewell | Hat: Modern Society | Shoes: Modern Society | Purse: Francesca's | Necklace: Madewell | Belt: Anthropologie | Earrings: Anthropologie 

It’s that time of year where it’s still super hot out, but the stores are stocking up fall items! I personally get SUPER pumped for this time of year! Because fall fashion is technically the beginning of the “fashion season”! So with that I wanted to create a look from some of my favorite Town Center stores to show you all how to achieve a look that is still appropriate for all the summer events, but still has a touch of fall too!

I stopped in Modern Society at Town Center Plaza (it’s a great new store that opened up this spot as their second location a few months ago) to scope out what new pieces they had that would be perfect for this time of year. So, I was looking for light weight fabrics, and layers to make the look feel for “fallish”.

The sweet gals at Modern Society thought this soft bohemian maxi dress would look good on my body type and they were so right! I love the fitted-waist along with the delicate lace detail at the top and the little floral details in fall tones. And so I ran with finding accessories to make this look more fall. I snagged this black straw fedora from Modern Society, the cutest pink mules slides, and I knew they’d be great pieces to wear with this dress, but also with other looks later too! The hat I’ve actually been wearing a ton on our Alaskan vacation. It’s easy to pack, and it maintains its shape really well. And these pink mules! I just can’t get over how adorable the pouf on the top is! The movement they give when I walk around in them is so fun too!

I then wanted to find a great denim jacket to wear it, as I’m just like the majority of y’all, I don’t like to show my arms. I don’t mind it when I do, but ya know, I like them covered up way better! ;) Anyway, I love a classic style of denim jacket and this one really does take the cake! The denim is thick, I did go up a size in it, so just a warning it does run a little small. But, it looks so great! And it’s such a good staple I know I’ll wear again and again. So, if you’re in the market for one. This one is pretty great!

Then, I knew I wanted to find some black accessories to help finish out the outfit. And did that when I found this darling black circle belt from Anthropologie, and this adorable black straw purse from Francesca’s! And did y’all know that Francesca’s got a remodel at the Town Center Plaza location!? It sure did and it’s so bright and gorgeous in there! You’ll love it! Oh and lastly my jewels! Snagged these AMAZING tortoise shell hoop earrings from Anthropologie and this little teal choker necklace from Madewell. This style of earring is SUPER trendy for fall and they aren’t too heavy either (gotta love that)! And the necklace goes so so well with T-shirts too! It pokes out ever so slightly and is such a sweet little detail. I love it!

I think this dress and outfit are one that you can wear now and into fall. It’s a great everyday outfit for busy mamas, working ladies, and even my college gals too! Oh, and I can definitely see myself wearing this whole look with black booties too! Can’t you!?

*This post was sponsored by Town Center Plaza and Crossing, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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