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Top: LOFT | Jeans: EverEve | Boots: Macy's | Nail Polish: Bluemercury | Lip: Bluemercury 

Alight y'all! I stopped into Bluemercury at Town Center to check out their product selection and answer all of my beauty and hair questions! I wanted to get their help to find a new moisturizer for this dry harsh weather, new cool serums, great coverage foundation, a few new techniques too. I have to say I was blown away by all the gorgeous products they offer. But, luckily their staff is on point and know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING! And thank goodness for them because they showed me all of the best goodies and I loved every minute of it! So let's go through my findings, and answers to all the questions I got on my insta stories (@caitfore)


Their in house brand m-61 is a stand out favorite of mine. I am personally loving the Hyrdraboost Cream for my normal to dry skin, for just an everyday moisturizer. I'm going to try their Hydraboost Hand Cream that I fell in love with in store. As a gal who always has "old lady" looking hands, I'm real excited for this stuff to work it's magic. Then I'll be trying out the Fast Blast Cleansing Cloths and Perfect Cleansing Cloths - these are both great for daily cleansing, and exfoliation. And fun fact: exfoliation will help with getting glowy skin? I mean it makes sense, you scrub off the old skin and the new skin shines through! Loved that little tid bit! Oh and I'm excited to try the PowerGlow Peel too. Now, I am not super into skin care (I know, I know) but I told them how scared I am of the work "peel" and essentially it won't actually "peel" my skin and leave it flaky and crazy looking (because who actually has time for that). It's essentially a mask you put on and don't wash off, on a clean dry face. I'll definitely report back!

Oh and I also picked up one of the GlamGlow Supermud masks too! I mean, celebrities use it. So, yeah I think I probably should too, right!? They have a great selection of these too! 

I got asked a few questions about Adult Acne and what they recommended to help fight it. And essentially acne is formed from oily, clogged pours, so here's what they said would help: m-61 PowerSpot PadCleanance Mat TonerCleanance Expert, and Cleanance Cleansing Gel. And they also recommended Darphin intral redness relief soothing serum (cuts down on redness, like immediately), Darphin stimulskin plus reshaping divine serum, Darphin Intral moisturizer, and Fresh crème ancienne. Fun fact #2: Serums are like vitamins for your face. A little messy, sure. But good for you! So go take some:)

If you need a better way exfoliate the little Foreo devices are the perfect little solution! You can even travel with them!

A great product for spot treatment for any surprise pimples is hands down the Mario Badescu drying lotion. Like put it on at night before you go to bed, oh don't shake it up BTW. Just use a Q-tip to apply it from the bottom of the bottle and you'll be amazed the very next day! 

Have y'all ever tried Lash Food, to grow your eye lashes? It's a natural line and I just decided to go for it. I have a pretty decent set of lashes, but I am always wishing they were a bit longer, I mean what girl wouldn't right? And eye lash extensions seem to be a bit too expensive and high maintenance for this gal that can barely get to Target once a week. Ya feel me? So, I can't wait to try this stuff out!! 


Lune+aster is great makeup brand and I'm real excited to try their RealGlow Primer, I tried it in store and it made my hand glow immediately. So, yea I need that to happen for my face, like everyday! RIght!? I'll put it on after moisturizing and before I put on my foundation for the day. Plus, it will help keep my makeup on too! Woop! Oh and for summer the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer - water proof (like will make your makeup WATER.PROOF., and cue angels singing, cuts down on redness and pours, great for summer, like pool days. You totally feel me on this one. 

I've been on the hunt for a great full coverage foundations and had heard AMAZING things about the NARS Longwear Foundation...and it's worth the hype. Wanna know how I know? I little bit spilled out of my sample (YES, they give samples of basically everything, HOLLER) and just spread it around on my hand to dry it up. And it basically covered the entire back of my hand...Like, I know even think you can understand HOW LITTLE spilled on my hand. And it just kept being able to be spread about. It was nuts! So a little will go a LONG way! I'm trying out the shade Oslo (You might have suspected that, since I'm so tan). 

For you gals on the hunt for the perfect CC creams, I have to say the lune+aster CC cream was my favorite, as it has a medium coverage and doesn't look cakey at all. Plus, it comes with SPF and is a great product to keep in your gym bag for everyday. Ya know, assuming you go to the gym everyday, like me;)

A got a few requests about some NEW makeup techniques and I had no idea what I was going to get but I like what they shared with me. Blending brushes are great for softening your look and applying blushes and foundations too. This double ended brush is definitely on my radar for apply both liquid foundation and setting powder. Oh, and setting sprays are all the rage too! This SuperGoop! Setting Spray is one of their best sellers company wide, and is formulated with sunscreen too! 

New makeup trends - soft pretty neutrals mixed with pinks for a boho look, blend makeup with fingers (this weirded me out, but the NARS foundation recommends this), and more of the blending brushes. I guess I need to chill on the conture?

As a mama you know I had to ask about all the eyes things. Like how to get rid of bags, how to hide the bags, what to put on the bags. So I got all the recommendations for y'all! Like the Natura Bisse - diamond extreme cream is cuts down on the puffy eyes, Peter Thomas Roth lift and firm eye patches, m-61 power glow eye cream - great for anti-aging needs for under the eye, m-61 hydro boost eye cream. And the best concealers are...for light to medium coverage is the lune+aster HydraBirght concealer and the Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer is better for full coverage (my choice for sure)!

A great natural beauty and makeup line they carry is RMS. You've probably noticed it before at places like J.Crew. It's a great line and great for those that are starting to change over to natural beauty products! 

For the pale girls of they world (like muah) their self tanner game is strong! The tan towel is a fan favorite. The St. Tropez mouse and St. Tropez one night only are my favorites because you can see exactly how they apply with the bronzers and you get that immediate satisfaction too! 

Okay and honorable mention to this incredible Hourglass Lip treatment oil, because we just threw this on top of my lipstick, and my lips when from chapped to smooth like instantly). So yeah, there's that! So cool! 


I'm always on the hunt for ways to get more volume in my hair, and am stoked to share what I found! Okay first and foremost the Oribe brand is available at Bluemercury! If you haven't heard of this brand, this is it! The Oribe Texturizing Spray and the Oribe Maximista spray are cult favorites for sure. The Living Proof dry shampoo is so great for oily roots and to get volume too. The R+Co scalp scrub is great for dry shampoo detox. The Bumble and Bumble 'While you sleep mask' is great to toss in your hair and then a night cap while you sleep, it will make your hair super silky and you don't have to wash it out! Oh, and I also learned a ton about hair masks (put on like 10 minutes before you take a shower) and hair serums (help split ends, and moisture)!

Alright y'all! That was a crazy amount of information! And I sure hope this post helped you with your beauty, skin and hair needs. And if you have any further questions about these topics, leave me a comment below and check out Bluemercury at Town Center Crossing, the team there is SO MUCH FUN and is incredibly helpful too! 

*This post was sponsored by Town Center Plaza and Town Center Crossing, all opinions thoughts are my own. 

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