It's Fall Y'all

Fall wardrobe staples

Shirt: J.Crew | Jeans: Madewell | Belt: J.Crew (old) similar here | Purse: J.Crew (old) | Sandals: Nordstrom | Earrings: Charming Charlie | Sunglasses: Amelia Styles | Lipstick: LipSense (Fuscia)

Fall wardrobe staples
Fall wardrobe staples
Fall wardrobe staples
Fall wardrobe staples
Fall wardrobe staples
Fall wardrobe staples
Fall wardrobe staples
Fall wardrobe staples

Shirt: J.Crew | Jeans: Madewell | Belt: J.Crew (old) similar here | Purse: J.Crew (old) | Sandals: Nordstrom | Earrings: Charming Charlie | Sunglasses: Amelia Styles | Lipstick: LipSense (Fuscia)

Happy Fall y'all! I can't believe the weather finally joined us and we can start to rock our favorite fall pieces. And I wanted to show you a look that encompasses all of my favorite pieces for fall, and in a way that actually easy to wear. This utility shirt is definitely one of my favorites and I am so glad that J.Crew decided to bring it back! It's such a great fitting shirt that goes with every wash of jeans and looks great with a statement earring too! And y'all know how I love a good pattern mix, and I just threw three of my favorites together in this look: stripes, leopard, and polka dots

And if y'all follow me on Instagram (@caitfore) than you know that a few weeks ago I took the time to go through my entire wardrobe! It was a doozy! There was SO much stuff y'all. Like the clothes I bought for my first job after college, then the dresses I bought for ALL the wedding festivities, and my preppy phase, and then all the maternity clothes, and the postpartum pieces that helped me immensely right after I had Bennett! But, luckily I am fitting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes (wonder how to do it, read this post on how I got myself in check), and now I can wear so many of my clothes again! It's such a wonderful feeling! But, it took a lot to get here! So I wanted to take y'all through my process on how I was able to toss about 50-60% of my wardrobe without batting an eyelash!  

And y'all, I know you'll be shocked by this, but by my wardrobe checklist I don't really need very much ;). So, here's my list of the goodies I'm looking for to complete our wardrobe: Silk Blouses, Long Cardigans, Fun Day Dresses, Black Joggers, Trench Coat, Green Jacket, Leopard Coat, Black Booties, Black Pumps, and Nude Pumps. You can shop a few that I really love below. 


1. Prep for the Edit

- Create goals for your wardrobe: Think about your weekly activities are and clothes you need to wear to those things. My goals were: To identify my current style, clean out the pieces that no longer work/ fit my lifestyle, and create a list of what to buy in the future, oh and identify colors and shapes to be on the lookout for. 

 - Bring out ALL the clothes from everywhere in the house. The basement, the guest room drawers, your mom's house. Yep all of it!

- Organize it ALL by item type, sleeve length, and color. This will make it SO much easier to see everything and go through all the same pieces at one time. 

2. During the Edit

- Go through every. single. piece. Yep. All of 'em

- And make three piles: YES (wear it now), MAYBE (gotta try it on), NO (bad fir and not in style anymore)

- Go through my C4 Styling Wardrobe Checklist (click on the words and the checklist will download, be sure to save it and use it!) and mark off the items that are good and you are keeping.

- Make notes on the Wardrobe Checklist on the items you need to purchase. Like, the color, the store to buy the item from, or a different style of something you want to grab!

- Hang all the YESssss back in your closet. TRY ON all the Maybes. Hang up all those now YES pieces you will wear, no matter what. 

- Sort the NO items into two piles, SELL and DONATE. 

3. After the Edit

- SELL the clothes that are 2 years or newer at the resell shops in your area! If you're in KC, here are a few of my favorite places.

  1. Ditto (95th and Quivera, close to Oak Park Mall), this one is hands down my favorite for two reasons. They usually buy the most pieces, and they actually sell clothes I want to buy. Like they love some good mall brands and pretty pieces that range from $10 - $40. Not bad y'all. 
  2. Clothes Mentor - The names says it all, their style is a bit more "mature" than Ditto, but they have good pieces too! The staff is nice, but can be a little salty, so just beware. But, they always find something of mine to buy. Just be sure everything you bring in is cleaned and in perfect condition. 
  3. Platos Closet - this place is a hot mess express and usually is for the younger, like high school kiddos. But, if you have kiddos, I'd definitely drop your pieces here. They usually take a few pieces and have pieces that are super trendy. So if you're on the hunt for those kind of pieces. This place is it!

- DONATE the clothes that you wouldn't even want to give to your best friend. I know it sounds harsh, but just donate it. There's tons of great thrift stores in every city! These are a few of my favorites here in KC!

  1. Goodwill - The one out south has a drive thru donate center that makes it very easy to donate all the pieces you don't need anymore. And they'll give you a slip for your tax right offs too! 
  2. Salvation Army - They will take those goods right off your hands at the back door, just drop those suckers off and say buhhh bye!
  3. Savers - Another good option, I've also found some pieces here that I loved! So if you have time to drop off and shop! Scope out their goods!
  4. City Thrift - They are a part of Catholic Charities here in KC, and just opened this shop a few years ago. Easy to drop off right out in front. Done and done!   

- Save your Wardrobe Checklist in your phone, in a note or whatever you use to check it when you're out and about. This will definitely help you stay focused and allow you to only buy the pieces you absolutely need!                

If y'all want my personal help with this mission, I'd absolutely LOVE it! 

Check out my wardrobe styling website for ALL the options on how I can help!


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