How to Style: Maternity Photos

Fall Maternity shoot in a sunflower field in Kansas - Grinter Farms
Fall maternity photos in a sunflower field in Kansas - Grinter Farms
Fall Maternity Photos in a sunflower field in Kansas - Grinter Farms
Fall Maternity Photos in a sunflower field in Kansas - Grinter Farms
Fall Maternity photos in a sunflower field in Kansas - Grinter Farms
Fall Maternity Shoot in a sunflower field in Kansas - Grinter Farms

Photos by Jerome Sasenick

When we got down to the single digits, in weeks, until baby Bennett's arrival I knew I wanted to do a maternity shoot with the Mr. But it was difficult to decide on a photographer (as there's so many amazing ones here in KC) and then of course what to wear... I started Pinteresting the ish out of maternity shoots, maternity photos, maternity outfits to see what inspiration I could find. For the most part the outfits I was most drawn too where the super flowy and romantic styles, but they just seemed a little to styled and not really me. So I asked my Mr. what he thought, and being the super practical man that he is, just wear something you feel your best in. I just love him for that, he keeps it real with me, and helps not over complicate my already ridiculous mind.

So I went with my trust maternity look, a body con dress! The one I am wearing I found at Ross in the junior's dress section for like $11, score (the one linked below is basically the same). But, I wasn't totally sold on just wear a fitted dress, as I was drawn to the movement the flowy styles of dresses created, in my Pinterest favorites. I check out the scarf selection (in my closet) and found this sparkly beauty and knew the warmish tones would pair nicely with the maroon dress. Plus, it covered the weird side cleavage I had going on.  I kept the jewelry pretty simple with by "b" initial necklace and a couple bracelets, I'm not even sure I wore earrings, which is crazy. I then wore my trusty leopard lace-up flats that were just as stylish and comfortable as I needed to be, hiking through the Grinter Farms sunflower fields

Now for picking out what the Mr's outfit, I wanted it to compliment mine but not feel too matchy or too summery. I knew I wanted it to look a fall so I loved the darker tones of this plaid shirt of his. I picked this up a couple months ago at Nordstrom Rack. He picked out the jeans he wanted to wear, my only want was for them to be a dark wash pair (of course. why do light wash men's denim event exist, and where do they find them!?). Then added his brown leather belt to break up the blues and put on his favorite Puma sneakers. I love how his look came together, doesn't he just look great!?

When it comes to posing be sure to scope out some examples online first. As once you're in the moment and feel as awkward as we did and just "don't know what to do you my hands", the examples helped. I just hopped on Pinterest again and created a 'Family Photos Ideas' board, and started pinning. I then sent them to our photographer Jerome Sasenick to see what the thought. He loved them and even sent some of the ones he found too. That definitely put me at ease to know he was excited for our shoot and had some new ideas I hadn't scene too.

Oh, and another tip, be sure to know your angles. You know your body and what you like about it more than anyone. For me, I am a totally "Mariah Carey" and really only like pictures of myself from my left side, hence the way I part my hair and always looking down and to the right in photos (my closest girlfriends ALWAYS give me a hard time about it, and I love it) . I know what I like, what can I say. 

So, here's my recap, pick out your outfit and make sure you feel fly in it, make sure your spouse's look meshes well with yours, know what your inspiration poses are, and know your angles to truly love the outcome of your maternity photos, or any family photos, really.

Be sure to reach out to Jerome Sasenick for your photography needs! We absolutely loved working with him and are so thrilled with how these photos turned out!

Now, which photo is your favorite?