Town Center: What to get your Dad for Father's Day

Father's Day Gift Guide

My husband can tell you that my Dad is definitely one of my favorite humans on the planet. He basically hung the moon and can tell me things so much more clearly than anyone else. And if you're a daddy's girl like me than you already know what I'm talking about. Dad's are the bomb! They often fly under the radar and do things for us that we don't even notice. So, I'm super pumped for Father's Day this weekend (June 19th) and have sent some special gifts my dads way. AND I've got some pretty sweet gifts pilling up for my mister too. So I thought I'd share some of my favorite gifts that I found that Town Center - for your special Dads in your life! 

The guys in our lives are super practical am I right!? So shopping for them can be pretty difficult. So here's my list of gifts that I think he would actually enjoy / need for everyday life. 

L.L. Bean Continental Duffle $119 - is for the outdoorsy guy that has his own sense of style. I love this bag for your guy to use as a gym bag or even a weekender bag. The camo is a cool print and I love the gray details too.

Gentleman's Manicure Kit $29.95 - these always come in handy at home or even while on vacation. Plus this one is just too handsome to pass up!

Box of Cedar Balls $10.95 - don't want to insult anyone here, but let's face it dudes - your feet can be a bit stinky. And that's were these little cedar balls naturally come it to save the day. Just toss them in the shoes and they'll absorb any of those crazy odors. So, it's for a gift for the giver, but hey! It's practical.

The best card $2.95 - I just think this card says it all and is so pretty too! It's a win win!

Breakwater Flip Flops $39.95 - I debated putting a pair of sandals on here, because I know men's feet aren't usually to cute to look at. But, they do need a stylist option for footwear during these crazy hot summer months. So here they are, the flip flop that is acceptable! Plus you can take him to Salon One 19 for a pedicure to fix him right up!

Baldwin jeans $198 - $315 - These locally designed designer denim are definitely what your stylish dude will love to receive on Father's Day. So many of these styles can form to fit him perfectly and be a pair he'll hold onto for years and years.

Fitbit $149.95 - This is a great gift for the super active guy in the family. It can help them achieve their workout goals and remind them to keep it moving. 

Well Groomed Pouch $17 - Love this adorable little travel bag that is perfect for the guy on the go or even just to keep all his daily necessities in one spot.

And if you're free you should definitely hit up the Sunset Music Fest at Town Center! They put on an amazing event and the music is always super great! It's a great way to kick off your Father's Day weekend a little bit early!

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