Wardrobe Checklist: SHOES

Wardrobe Checklist: SHOES
All the shoes you'll ever need

OMG shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do love a great pair of shoes and am often asked what shoes everyone should have in their wardrobe. This is my go to list - I lean toward the classic and then edit what pairs make sense for each clients actual life. Like, if you legitimately can't wear a heal, then a fabulous wedge will work perfectly. Oh, and if your life is ALWAYS casual, then grab a pair of sandals that aren't dressy and are super comfortable. Check out the full list and Pin this to your style board. It's a good one to come back and check on later.  

1. Nude sandals

2. Tan sandals

3. Ballet flats 

4. Loafers

5. Brown booties

6. Black booties

7. Nude pumps

8. Printed pumps

9. Black pumps

10. Brown boots

11. Black boots

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