Blog vs. Website

Take the stress out of getting dressed with C4 Styling

Let's take a tour of the new C4 Styling site and talk about how it's different from this magical place Sophisticaited!

The site for my wardrobe styling website is here! I am so excited to have the new site away from the blog. And I know a bunch of people where wondering about why I created a new Facebook page? Not for the blog but it's for the wardrobe styling business I've built. 

ABOUT - it's all about my history of where this passion came from and how I knew this is exactly what I was born to do! 

SERVICES - this is where it gets real y'all! I worked tirelessly to make sure these packages truly made sense for you and me! I am so thrilled to have these babies in the world now! Oh and have you watched the new video to get a great look into what it's like to work with me!

FAQ - There's tons of these that I wanted to make sure were super clear so everyone knows exactly what it's like to work with me. Like, how do you know which remix is for you? This page has a great descriptions for you to REALLY know how to pick the right one for you too! I know there's always more questions and I'd love to hear from you! You can always do that here. Oh and one thing I don't really talk about (yet) is the fact that I work with women ages from 16, 28, 39, to 74 - So I can pretty much work with anyone at any age!

TESTIMONIALS - Now these make me blush! I truly love getting to make my clients feel amazing and taking the stress out of getting dressed! And getting to hear / read how they feel about working with me is just too cool. I sincerely love getting to make my clients feel confident about their style and creating looks for their lives.

CONTACT - Now if you're ready to allow me in your closet! Then just shoot me a message and we will set it up to make it work! 

So yeah - Sophisticaited will stay it's fun inspiring self, while the C4 Styling website is the more serious and professional space for my wardrobe styling business. They will definitely be friends and hang out from time to time, like today! 

What do you all think about the new space for the wardrobe business? Drop me a note below!


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