Planning Out 2017

Best planner for 2017
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C4 Styling office reveal
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J.Lynn Designer planner for 2017
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Planning out 2017
J.Lynn Designer planner for 2017
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Planning out 2017
J.Lynn Designery Refresh planner for 2017
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Refresh planner for 2017

Let's be honest here, I am mom now and with that comes navigating my job as editor and stylist with the baby. It can be REAL tough to get things done with a two month old, duh. And thankfully he does sleep a lot. But, just when you think you can crank out a blog post or fold a load of laundry, he needs me. And I know he won't be this small and sweet forever. So, I now will pause my stuff and do whatever he needs to do. As he's only doing what he can to tell me he needs, he's just a baby afterall. And I truly love it. He's just too cute!! And right now he's feeding about every 2 - 4 hours and sleeps in the morning and in the afternoon, so during those times are when I try and knock out most of my blogging and to-do's. They don't always get done in those windows of time, of course. So, when Kev gets home, he usually can't wait to get his hands on Mr. B, and takes control of the baby wrangling, which I love just as much as they do. I can then finish up posts and emails and know the baby is in good hands, and I can think and create without having to be interrupted. 

So, during these quite moments, during the day, I bring baby B to the office and have him rock in the Mamaroo (so thankful he loves it) while I work. I've started to look to 2017 and have broke open my new Refresh planner from my sweet friend Jenna's company,  J.Lynn Designery. It was hard to choose which cover this year as I love the light refreshing blush tones of the plus sign cover and the gray and gold of the agate pattern too! As you can tell I've started to lean a little bit towards the light pink in my office and thought why not choose the pink! What do you guys think of my cover choose? You approve?

Now onto why I chose to use this baby to plan out my 2017! The overall aesthetics got me, the gold hardware is so hardy and shiny, I love how hard both covers are, so I know I can fold it open and write in it whenever I am. The pocket in the front cover is great for receipts and little keepsakes to look at through the year. I keep my Fall and Spring into Confidence flyers in mine now along with an inspirational card I found at Paper Source. Do you have a pocket in your planner? What do you put in it? 

I then love how the year at a view calendar is right there when you open it along with the big holidays, so I won't forget. Then THE BEST PART is Jenna has Goal Planning pages for each quarter of the year, to get you inspired and have a place to keep your ideas and plans. I just love stuff like this. I've always want to have a place like this to keep big milestones and ideas for the year, and now I do! It's so sweet how she kicks it off with "What are your big, scary goals for 2017 year?" Well, Jenna I've got some ideas and they are scary and I can't wait to get them down on paper and create a plan to knock them out, thanks to your encouragement! Then onto each month, the tabs are super thick and colors coordinate each quarter, very cleaver. There's then a lined page behind the first tab, a monthly view, and then the weekly at a glance, and that's where I plan out my life. I love that she has included sweet little notes in each week too, like "Celebrate the good things around you. Life is more joyful with a positive mindset." Well, now that I have a personal cheerleader too! I now feel like I can accomplish anything! What else could you need? And the last part of the planner has lined pages and dotted pages (for drawing), these always get filled up with blog layouts and outfit ideas. How do you use these kind of pages?

Now, get your year started now with the J.Lynn Designer Refresh planner, I know you'll love it! Oh and this would totally make an amazing gift this holiday too! 


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