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Pajama Top: Soma | Pajama Bottoms: Soma | Slippers: Soma | Robe: Soma

When it comes to this time of year I get really excited to cozy up at home with family and friends. And when it comes to shopping I love to see what stores bring out for holiday shopping. I always love to see the extra sparkle and detail added to everyday pieces. The rich colors, textures and plaids are some of my favorite apparel details too. I scoped out all of the Town Center stores to find you the gifts that you need for everyone on your list. 

I slipped into Soma to try on their pajamas and have to say I didn't know what to expect because I'm not really a pj's kinda girl. But, can I just tell you that these rose printed pajama top and bottom are INCREDIBLE! I put them on and I didn't want to take them off. They aren't heavy and feel so smooth to the skin. Also the slippers are made of the same cotton as the pajamas and YES they feel incredible and have a cushy soul too. The plush robes are the perfect gift for any gal on your list. They feel so high end! Now who's on your list? I'll help you shop for the hostess, bestie, home decor lover, daddios and dudes, mamas, and kiddos on your list. 

Soma roses pajamas for Christmas
Soma pajamas and slippers for Christmas
Rose Pajamas for Christmas
Soma pajamas for Christmas
Soma pajamas and slippers for Christmas
Soma pajamas for Christmas

Pajama Top: Soma | Pajama Bottoms: Soma | Slippers: Soma | Robe: Soma 

Hostess Gifts

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We have a couple of holiday parties on the schedule and I know there will be some intimate ones where I will need a hostess gift or two. So, I created this list for those moments of panic of what to bring. I love the idea of grabbing a bottle of wine and the tassel wine markers for a girlfriends get together. Or for a white elephant gift exchange the purse poufs make a great gift for the girly girls in your life, or the matches bottle and candle for a couple hosting. They are both something unexpected that everyone will enjoy. 

The best gifts for your besties

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I'm sure your girlfriends are just like mine, busy, busy, busy, and enjoy the little things, especially things that make them feel special. Does your bestie keep it simple on the style front? The lip glosses are shear and look good on every skin tone. Or is she beauty obsessed? The Glam mask kit is seriously amazing. It's what the celebs use, no lie I worked with a make up artist on some photoshoots that had us try it out. And it's amazing! It literally makes your skin glow!

Home Decor gifts

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If giving the gift of chic decor is your love language these pieces are great to give this holiday season. The buffalo print throw blanket is a personal favorite of mine, and it would be a great gift for your aunt or event mother in-law. Also the white and black vase is such an affordable yet gorgeous piece it would look great in any home. 

Gifts for Dad

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The guys in my life are super sweet and simple and therefore usually don't need too much. So this list is intentionally simple itself, and was approved by my Mr. He is actually the reason the Yeti Tumbler, it's a great choice for literally all the guys on your list. I could see giving this to my Step-Dad and even my Uncle Jim and feel confident that they both would enjoy it. Heck, even if they have one, I know two would be handy for those guys that like to leave things like this at home and the office. I thought the hammock would be a super fun gift for the young and adventurous dudes in my life. I can just see them going on a little hike and them throwing this up to relax. Sounds great doesn't it. 

The best gifts for Mom

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This year I'm super excited to be apart of this club and can say I definitely have a new perspective of what mama's need. They (we) are pretty busy taking care of everyone and everything else to even think about ourselves. And when we are it's probably in the wee hours of the morning or night. So, I compiled this list of specific items that every mama would enjoy. The cashmere lined gloves are a classic piece that I've owned for four years and love how lightweight and warm they are. The trendier mama would love the digital Fossil watch created, the style of it so cute! And the eye shadow palette is a perfect way for her to update her look without having to go too crazy. 

The perfect gift for kids

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Oh the babies! Who doesn't love a brand new tiny little human!? Ugh I seriously can't get enough of mine. Anyways when I was hunting around Town Center for unique baby gifts these I just fell in love with. The baby keepsake books I thought looked so chic you could have them out and not even guess they were baby books. Plus, since they could be out, you would probably be more likely to fill it out. Oh and I thought this snowman kit was just too cute from L.L. Bean. And the plush girly purse kit is meant for my future daughter (a girl can wish, right!?). All of the clothing choices are so soft and yummy for the littles in this chillier weather. 

Now, if you made it all the way down to this part of the post I thank you! Now it's time for you to make your list of who you are shopping for this year. I know I'll be shopping for my Mr. and baby Bennett, my mama, Step-Dad, sister, brother, my daddio, step-mom, mother in-law, father in-law, nephew, niece, and a few girlies of course! Oh and whoever we draw on Thanksgiving for my mom's fam. Do yall do that? Draw for one family member verses buying for everyone? We started doing that a few years ago and it's really nice, now we just go ALL OUT on the stockings, which I love! What's your favorite gift to give at the holidays?

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