4th of July snap shots

We spent the weekend of the 4th all over northern Minnesota! We had an awesome lobster dinner on friday night, just because. And on Saturday we went out for coffees and headed to the Mississippi head waters. Did you know that the Mississippi starts all the way up there? Well see that pic of Kev walking across the rocks in the creek? That's the Mississippi, isn't that crazy!? We walked through it all and trudged through the water to the front of the park. And then we hiked through the park and got to check out the largest white oak. It was super big, and we were getting sucked to death by the mosquitos. We knew they would be bad, but you guys. These things were straight up viscous. And there were just so many of them. 

So then we headed to find Paul Bunyan and Babe the big blue ox! We found them and tried to get as a good a pic was we could. The grounds are under construction - so yeah. It was still really cool to see. We then stumbled upon a local brewery and tried out a flight, and it was actually really good. I don't usually drink beer, but I enjoyed it. Okay and then we had dinner at a fun English pub. We tried the English egg rolls (kind of like a Reuben), and I had a yummy sandwich and Kev had fish and chips. It wasn't anything too exciting, but it was good. 

Then on the 4th we woke up and had pancakes and packed up the beach bag and cooler for a fun day at Pokegama lake. But, had to eat lunch first. So we went to grab a pizza and just enjoy the view of the lake. And we got to head to the lake, hang out in the water, road around the lake for hours (had no idea), and then enjoyed the best fireworks shows!

Oh and Sunday we headed down to the twin cities and shopped at the outlet and found some really great pieces for Kev and me! (shocking I know). But it was actually more fun shopping with Kev and having him find some stuff he really liked. We leave for a beach vacay in a week, and now we are all set! 

It was just a fun weekend away from home and was so nice to just reconnect and make new memories in a great place! What was your favorite moment from the weekend?


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