5 Reasons to work with a Stylist

1. Feel great about yourself

By learning what pieces work best together and learn how to put together new outfits for your body type. This will give you confidence every morning!

2. Get rid of pieces that don't work for you

Ever wonder what pieces you should get rid of? But, just aren't sure? Well, I will let you know what those pieces are and suggest better pieces that fit your price point and style. I'll make sure you only keep the pieces that work for every facet of your life.

3. Properly dress for your body type

Wonder why you never wear that one dress you swore was perfect in the store? I'll help diagnose the proper fit for you and recommend the best shapes to buy in the future. This will make the whole shopping for your body type way easier and enjoyable.

4. Know how to shop for yourself

I will help you understand your body and how to dress it in the most flattering way. Then I can create a personal online shopping package for you so you can shop all on your own, if you wish. The Pinterest shopping package is a great way to save you money but only buying what you need. 

5. Save you time and money

Who doesn't love to save both time and money, right!? Well, I can definitely save you both by shopping for you. I can save you time buy shopping for you and hustle to find the best price (always) and will pass those savings onto you. So you can simply enjoy your life and feel your best every day. 

I love getting to make women feel better about themselves through styling them and their closets. I come from a place of kindness and love. I create wardrobes that make sense for your life. And the best part is...it's super fun! I recommend the classic remix the original closet consult and then the online shopping package for those that want to buy the right items on their right time. Or if you don't want to shop at all - I can handle that part for you! The personal shopping package is perfect for those that aren't interested in going to the mall. I just want everyone to feel good about themselves and comfortable getting dressed every day! Oh and if you don't live close me we can schedule a virtual closet consult! Super cool! 

If I can help you! Reach out to me and let me know!