Inspiring Mama & New Offers

Alright y'all here it goes. 

I've officially launched my styling and consulting services! Yep, this girl who started her business just 6 months ago (crazy to think) has (finally) created pretty little packages just for you. They can be found under the WORK with CAIT tab (at the top of the page) and then select PACKAGES, and you can see what I have to offer. There's everything from in-home wardrobe styling services, to personal shopping, and even interior styling too. And to kick it off right I thought I would tell you about who inspired this whole idea in the first place. My mama.

I look just a little bit like her, dontcha think!?

She's one of the strongest (and sassiest) people I know. 

She's also one of the most intelligent people I ever met. 

She's given me my ability to have a voice.

She's always encouraged me to do what feels right and to trust my gut. 

She's pushed me to do whatever makes me happy.

And even as a judge (yep, a real one), she has some how, always managed to encourage my artistic side to come out. Always.

mothers day gift idea

Every idea and new venture has been met with a yes and how can we make it happen. 

And as my first ever client, I have to say she has inspired me to do what I do.

Thanks Mama for showing me how hard work really does pays off. Just long as you know where you've been and where you're going. 

Now go tell your mama how much you love her! 

And if you need a present for that special lady in your life check out the exciting MOTHER'S DAY CLOSET CONSULT SPECIAL! It's kind of the perfect present for any gal that wants to feel her best! And what lady doesn't want to feel her best!? Especially for Mother's Day! 

Also - I would like to add in that my sweet husband, Mr. Fore is a HUGE part of this business.  Thank you for your constant support and brilliance. I love your heart my love! 

Now go show that Mama of yours or baby Mama of yours how much you love her