Mother's Day with Town Center

So in case you haven't heard, MOTHER'S DAY is MAY 10th! This coming SUNDAY! So today I collected the best cards, a quick floral arrangement, and outfits for you from Mother's Day. Oh and don't forget to make a reservation for her. Don't worry there's an awesome list of all the great places to eat at Town Center


Take the time to pick out a card that truly expresses the way you feel about your Mom or Baby Mama! The written word is just such a special gift you can share with someone you love. But, if you're unsure what card to buy or where to buy it, I've linked my favorites from Paper Source below. And I won't even try to take credit for it:

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Alright everyone - if you haven't been to EverEve at Town Center Crossing you've gotta make a pit stop. It's got some of the best easy pieces that are practical for everyday life. EverEve specializes in looks for mamas, not pregnant mamas, and no announcement here (lol) but for mamas with babes runnin' around. It's just full of great pieces that are stylish and easy to wash (holler) and practical for a life on the run. When I stopped in I thought I would be picking out cute looks for the mamas out there, but was pleasantly surprised by all the pieces I wanted (even as just a puppy mama) anyways. The store is set up with three summery point of views from California, New York, and Nantucket. So I worked with the lovely ladies of EverEve to bring you three looks from their current collection. GIFT HINT: Dads reading this - pop in a grab something for you baby mama as a HUGE thank you for raising your babies! 

CALIFORNIA (boho/hippish stye):

Palm tank (in store) similar hereBillabong kimonoKut boyfriend shorts Metallic wedgeBar necklaceLong necklaceTassel bracelet 

NANTUCKET (super preppy):  

Locals Only tee, Palm shorts, Clark's sandals, Summer fedora (in store) similar here,  Woven double necklace (in store) similar here, Tassel bracelet, and Yellow bracelet 


Step 1: Buy flowers from Trader Joe's

Step 2: Cut off plastic from arrangement

Step 3: Pull off all leaves from Hydrangea flowers and separate into piles of size small and large. Discard the small leaves. 

Step 4: Cut stems at 45 degree angle to proper length to have blooms hit at the top of the vase. 

Step 5: Place three big leaves inside vase to make to arrangement look full and YOU'RE DONE! 

Now go out and support your mama! 

Be sure to come back on the 1st and 3rd Monday on the month to see what Town Center has going on!

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