Styling Kit with Lily-Jade

Lily-Jade 'Anna' bag c/o, Piperlime tank (old) similar here and here, Old Navy jeans, Target slip ons similar here and here, Kendra Scott earrings c/o, J.Crew sunnies (old) similar here

photos and video by  Mary Verett  

photos and video by Mary Verett 

You might be wondering - what in the heck is a Styling Kit? And why is she using a Lily-Jade diaper bag to house it? Well, I have to say, first, a Styling Kit is basically my bag of secrets. It's basically everything no one wants to see or talk about. But, it's definitely the pieces to complete the pretty picture puzzle. The full list is down below. 

And second, this bag was made for this job. With all the pockets this girl could dream of, I can hold everything I need. I keep all my Styling Kit stuff in the middle "baby bag" portion and put all my everyday purse stuff (phone, wallet, keys, lip gloss) in the outer purse pockets.  So when I want to use it for things other than photo shoots I can take out the "baby bag"  and off I go. It's just that simple. 

So here's what I keep in my Styling Kit:

  • Clips - big, little, plastic, metal - makes it easy to properly tailor a garment in seconds
  • Tape - this is how I keep every shoe like it's brand new. Soles, Labels, Everything gets taped
  • Top stick - the strongest double sided tape in all the land. This is perfect for making necklines and jewelry stay in just the right spot. 
  • Tide Stick - this helps when something little gets on a garment and we need to get it out fast!
  • Sharpie - this along with Post-Its is great for labeling tags or anything we need to remember for later. 
  • Lint roller - kind of a no brainer, but just in case a garment gets a dusting of make up or has fuzzies from another garment on it. This cleans it up quick.
  • Measuring tape - this I use to measure the girls in order to know what sizes they are. 
  • iPhone - perfect for grabbing some behind the scenes shots, tracking down lunch options, and my personal favorite the on-the-spot-inspiration-grabber-from-Pinterest 
  • Changing pad from Lily-Jade baby bag - ideal for laying out any jewelry or small things during a shoot. It makes it a lot easier to find just what I need. 

What I wear to photo shoots (when I'm not in the pics):

  • Loose but easy to move in top
  • Skinny and stretchy jeans/pants
  • Comfortable shoes 
  • Statement jewels
  • Manicure 

I sincerely love my job as a stylist and am excited about having this trusty bag with me on my shoots! There's nothing better than feeling prepared and organized before heading into any job, and I know with this bag I will definitely feel that way. Head over to Lily-Jade to check out all the great bags they carry! 

*Thank you to Lily-Jade for sponsoring today's post.

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