What to bring to a Blog Conference

As my favorite #blogcon approaches (it's this weekend) I thought I better get my stuff together - and show you what I like to bring. As my favorite saying goes "Over prepare so you can go with the flow!" Is anyone else headed to Go Blog Social this weekend? I can't wait to learn and meet some fabulous blogging babes! 

So here's what I'm packing: 

iPhone/ Smart phone: This is your life line for everything else, right!? Well you will definitely need it for all the fun giveaways and Instagram worthy moments. Be sure to check out and follow all the attendees and sponsors before you go to the conference. It definitely makes everything move faster and smoother through out the day. 

Business cards (about 100) - got a ton of people to meet and network with. And they need to be able to find me when the conference is over. I ordered mine from Oubly and love that you can customize the colors on the side and how thick they are!

Pencil bags - this is to hold your business cards and collect your business cards too. I saw a few of my gals do this at the last blog con and I thought it was too genius not to share. It's way easier to hold all your bus cards in a pouch, rather than your little baby size ones they give you, trust me. But I also love carrying them in my pockets. Just a tip. So wear something with pockets:)

Chargers - if it can be charged, it will be used. So bring every cord and be prepared to charge your devices (iPhone, iPad, camera whatever). Make sure to get a charge at lunch. So when you head back to the conference you'll have a ton of battery that you will definitely need. I also love the wireless chargers too. 

Notebook: I'm old school and love to take notes by writing them down. So I grabbed this gold notebook with pink edged paper (I know, I swooned, thanks Target) love these too. I like grabbing new notebooks for conferences, so I can turn back to it later.

Calendar: Also, I love having a written calendar. I keep everything in my phone calendar too. But I just love getting to see it written down. So just make sure you've got a updated calendar with you so you can book coffee dates and meetings while your at the conference. 

Pens: I grabbed the cute ones from the dollar spot at Target. I like how they feel in my hand and they are cute too. Just be sure to grab pens that won't run out of ink. 

Tabs: Okay, so this isn't super necessary but, I like labeling my notebook with tabs for each speaker. So that way when I want to turn back to my notes later on, I can easily turn to their spot. I found these awhile ago in the Target dollar section. I bet they've got something like them now:)

Water bottle: You will need to stay hydrated for the day and I love having something with a straw, it makes it way easier to sip while you're learning and listening. 

Fuel: Granola bars or protein bars - just bring something you can snack on if you get hungry. I am a freak about knowing what and when I will be eating. So I ALWAYS have at least one granola bar on me at all times. So just bring something you will want to snack on.

Tablet / Flat Surface: This is another one that just worked better for me. I like taking notes and sometimes you don't have a table to write on. So I like having my tablet as something to write on. Weird, yep but, it totally works.!

Camera: This is great to have to get the best pics for a recap and outfit pics during breaks from the speakers. My favorite the Nikon D5200 is on sale too! Lucky ducks:)

Make Up: I don't think you need to bring all of your make up with you. But I like having a few of my favorites with me for touch ups during the day. So I little concealer, mascara, bronzer, and lip gloss is what you'll find in my bag. 

I hope to see you at Go Blog Social! But if not, I sure hope this helps you with a blog con in your future. 


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