14 questions to ask on Valentine's Day

In honor of Valentine's Day I wanted to take a moment from the obligations of chocolates, dinners and flowers to just celebrate the love. I put together a list of 14 sappy, silly, and deep questions in order to get pumped for Valentine's Day! I have to say after reading my hubby's responses - I'm set for Valentine's Day, this is my present. I hope these questions will bring us all a little bit closer and make you and your spouse closer too! 

K:  Whenever we get home, I leave work at work and just try to concentrate on what we have going on together!

C: Kev is extremely good at keeping work at work, that for the first year of marriage I felt like I basically had no idea what he did. I mean, he's a mechanical engineer and works on power plants, what else do I need to know, right!? But seriously, he is so awesome about coming home and just wanting to spend quality time together. SO we try and just put away the phones, grab the pup and chill.

K: Sour Patch Kids

C: Our dog Daisy - oh and chocolate chips. I've always got them on hand.

Walking down the aisle after our rehearsal in 2011.

Walking down the aisle after our rehearsal in 2011.

K: Going to Homecoming {at OSU} It's always on Caitlin's birthday.

C: That we switch off holidays with our families. We decided to do this after we tried to fit in all the families in one day, and hated it. So during marriage counseling we decided on spending Thanksgiving at one house and then Christmas at the other house. Great plan that makes the stress of the holidays not as stressful

K: Sweet Potato Chiptole Chicken 

C: Fried chicken and mashed (well they are really whipped) potatoes. He's amazing in the kitchen and definitely the chef in the family.

K: That we are both ever-changing, and that there is always an adventure around the corner, whether it be a random path home or a fun vacation. 

C: I've learned that I married a really strong dude. And I can always rely on his steadiness and vision to balance me out. I told him the other day that you are like my blinder. I throw it all at you and you always seem to spit out just the right answer. Learning to communicate so the other one really understands and hears the other has been key. We both really cherish the other ones opinion and having their input on things we want to do together means a lot. 

Making the longest egg noodle Ponca City, OK has ever scene, circa 2009.

Making the longest egg noodle Ponca City, OK has ever scene, circa 2009.

K: Lounging around in sweats and a t-shirt

C: A black shirt or sweater with dark jeans. I just love this look on Kev - I feel like he just looks so handsome when he wears black. 

K: The amount of growth that we both have gained. I can see the maturity in our relationship really grow after we got married. Throughout the last 4 years, we have become more emotionally attached to each other. 

C: To be so supported in every aspect of my life. As the oldest I am used to bossing people around and doing it my way no matter what. But it sure does feel good to know your man is there to help guide you along the way.

K: We always go try new restaurants for a date night. Not getting in a routine of "our places" really helps mix things up. Things aren't always how they are planned, which makes for part of the fun.

C: Trying new restaurants around town is definitely my favorite way to break out of our "out south" mode. We definitely have our favorite spots but - it's definitely nice to know he will try just about anything with me. 

At our first American Royal in KC in 2011.

At our first American Royal in KC in 2011.

K: The "how-to" of projects. We both have our differing opinions of our sense of style and the process of how things get done. 

C: Tattoos. I have a small one on the inside of my right ankle. It's a quatrefoil for my sorority Phi Mu and inside are the symbols Alpha and Omega - for beginning and end with God. And Kev is not a fan of them at all. Can't blame him, but I see the art of expression in them, not the trashiness. So when our kids ask us if they can get a tattoo - that is going to be an awesome conversation. I'll let you konw how it goes. lol

K: The excitement of being married to my one love! I was nervous and trying to keep her from being nervous - so I rubbed her hands (to keep us both calm).

C: I have to say my favorite moment was right after ceremony. Our wedding coordinator walked us around the church and tucked us in the little area just right of the sanctuary. Even though we got married in the church I had grown up in, I had never been in that area of the church before. That moment was the best, because we just got to be. We were married! And we had but a few minutes to just let that soak in before we walked out for exit. It was so sweet.  

K: I knew Caitlin was the one when she stuck with me through my job in McKinney, TX and Dodge City, KS. We were (are) obsessed with each other and didn't miss any days talking with each other. She's always pushed me to do what I want, I want to push her to do the things she dreams of. 

C: I knew Kevin was the one when I first went to visit him in McKinney, TX. He was just a grown up, with his apartment, and home made meals. He's just always made me feel like I always have what I need. 

K: Her generosity. She's always so willing to give the shirt off her back and give time to those in need, as well as friends who are in need of some help. She also has a great big picture perspective. I like to look at the details and how they will get accomplished so I like how she can look at the big picture of what she wants to achieve.

Sailing the BVI together. Not pictured our best friends from college on this amazing trip with us. Thanksgiving 2013.

Sailing the BVI together. Not pictured our best friends from college on this amazing trip with us. Thanksgiving 2013.

K: Our trip to the British Virgin Islands. We were with a group of friends on this trip, but it was full of fun and sun. It was an amazing time to be together. My favorite trip of just us two had to have been Chicago for our anniversary. We had a blast in Chicago, and made it a trip of a lifetime. 

C: I would have to say our trip to Chicago for our second wedding anniversary. We both had never been before and we made zero plans and just got to explore a new place together. It was definitely one to remember.

K: My favorite V-day date has to be when Caitlin made me a beef wellington. It was a calm, relaxed, but fun evening where we shares wine and an a great meal!

C: Our first Valentine's Day for sure. We went to dinner at this adorable little restaurant in McKinney, TX that paired wine from the Landon Winery with an amazing five course dinner. We both had fois gras for the first time, and actually enjoyed it so much that when they told us was it really was, we didn't stop eating it. Also, we drank the Landon Winery's champagne during our wedding day toast! 

Our special wedding day champagne from Landon Winery 2011.

Our special wedding day champagne from Landon Winery 2011.

It's a fun exercise isn't it!? And how funny is it that we both answered a few of these the same way. See what I mean about it being my Valentine's Day present. I hope you liked it and enjoyed getting to know us a little bit more. Now go share this with your friends and family so they can feel the love this Valentine's Day. 


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