BTS: Family Photoshoot with Fountain City Studios

A few months back I had the opportunity to work with Fountain City Studios on a very special family photo shoot with the Olsons. It was a huge honor to work with this super special family. It was so great getting to know them through the styling survey I sent them, along with a few texts to make sure the girls shoes would fit just right. Take a look at a one of my very favorite projects of 2015!

I can't tell you enough of how proud I am to have worked with Todd, Josh, Alisa. They give great direction and ensure the shot makes complete sense for the families life style. The whole experience was very comfortable and relaxed. Plus we had a ton of fun! Be sure to check out Fountain City Studios for any of your photography and videography needs! Oh, and check out how they felt about using a stylist for a family shoot too.

Also you can check out the Pinterest board I created for the whole family. I think it's super important to gather all options and then edit. So I shopped and pinned until I felt like I had two great options for all five family members. I think created flat lays for both options and let the family pick their looks. I showed up with the outfits in all the correct items and everyone went home happy with their new looks too!

It's very cool getting to see projects like this come to life!


Caitlin ForeComment